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Gabriela DamacenoGabriela Damaceno
23:36 16 Apr 24
We worked with the team at StudioHawk for a technical SEO and Digital PR campaign for a product launch in the e-mobility landscape. They exceeded our expectations, delivering fantastic results in online visibility. They were not only responsive and attentive to our needs but also proactive in their approach, often bringing innovative ideas and strategies to the table that further enhanced our project. Their expertise in SEO and digital PR is evident in the results they deliver. Thanks team
04:08 05 Apr 24
Recently ran a DPR campaign with StudioHawk, immediately once you've signed on for the service you're greeted with an incredibly helpful team, Janine and Georgia in particular are outstanding to deal with, they're super fast to action on the campaign and gave updates the entire process. We gained a massive media link from 'The Sun' US, UK and Ireland. Once the campaign was completed we've still had links trickling in which is fantastic, they have delivered above and beyond.
Josie CocksJosie Cocks
00:33 03 Apr 24
We have really enjoyed working with StudioHawk over the last six months. Fearghas has been really helpful in getting us up to speed on best practice, and we're really excited about the results we're seeing. Thanks SH!
Camila GrottiCamila Grotti
02:47 25 Mar 24
One of the few agencies i am genuinely satisfied to work with. StudioHawk's service has been outstanding from day one. We were lucky to have Fearghas managing our account. He's been consistently driving SEO growth to our brand and is super efficient and responsive, even liaising with our web dev to make sure all gets implemented accordingly. We've been seeing results month after month on our weekly calls thanks to his vast expertise and hands on work. It's been a dream to work with an agency that basically runs on auto-pilot and delivers results.
Benjamin SomervilleBenjamin Somerville
08:27 29 Jan 24
We are an agency partner of Studiohawk and have no hesitations in referring any of our clients to them for a good reason. They are truly the best in the business.What sets them apart is two things - first and foremost they deliver on what they promise in form of great SEO strategy and execution that delivers long term growth. Secondly but equally important they are a group of genuinely good people who are great to work with.
peter DOLANpeter DOLAN
07:26 20 Apr 23
We have been working with Studio-Halk and Fearghas for the last 8 months or so, during that time we have seen our organic traffic soar. In a world where you are being promised seo results, Studo-Hawk just deliver great results. Best of luck in your new position Fearghas.
Hannah BowdenHannah Bowden
05:59 20 Apr 23
Really great experience with the Studio Hawk team, thanks for all your excellent work on our site!
Emma WynneEmma Wynne
02:06 20 Apr 23
We've been working with StudioHawk for over a year now, and would recommend them to anyone. Nathan is super prompt to respond and has been pivotal in setting our SEO strategy and assisting us through our complicated replatform.
Jonathan StiebelJonathan Stiebel
01:00 20 Apr 23
Great communication, excellent strategy and very professional... Very rare in the SEO space! Thanks SH. Keep up the great work.
John Terry whiteJohn Terry white
08:11 19 Apr 23
The team at SH truly exceeded our expectations - professional, attentive, and always ready to tackle even the most urgent requests.

Our Services

Sunshine Coast SEO Services

Search Intent Research
Content Writing Services
Technical SEO/Audits


Search Intent Research

We’ll start by uncovering the keywords people are searching for to find businesses like yours here in the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Not all keywords are created equal. We’ll categorise search terms based on commercial intent and what stage your customers are at on the buyer’s journey. For quick wins, we’ll target “ready to buy” keywords first.


Content Writing Services

Whether it’s buyer guides, product comparisons, reviews or something else, our tailored SEO content can help you reach more buyers in Sunshine Coast. Each piece of content must be high quality, authoritative and optimised with the right keywords to show up high in the search results.


Technical SEO/Audits

It’s important to ensure our Sunshine Coast SEO efforts aren’t being built on weak foundations. Our expert technical SEO audits will reveal any bottlenecks that could be hindering your SEO campaigns and potential search traffic. From site speed to poor metadata and more, our award-winning SEO masters know exactly how to fine tune your SEO to squeeze every last drop of ROI from your engagement with us.



If you’re a business serving the locals here in Sunshine Coast, we’ll make sure you show up on the map pack with a properly optimised Google My Business listing and a fully optimised website that’s geared for a local audience. 


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How it Works

Our Sunshine Coast
SEO Process

Step: 1

Call or email to start a conversation about your business goals. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Step: 2

SEO Audit
We’ll review your website and online presence to uncover your biggest growth opportunities (and plenty of quick wins too.) No jargon or double speak.

Step: 3

Our SEO masterminds will share specific strategies, action plans and ideas for your business. Got some ideas of your own? We want to hear them too!

Step: 4

Launch Your SEO
Time to put rubber to the road. We’ll execute our well-laid plans and start moving the needle on your ROI-ometer!
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Our Difference

How Our Sunshine Coast
SEO Agency Can Help You Stand Out

Local Experts

With so many SEO agencies based overseas, we’re the experts on your doorstep who’ll pick up the phone in your office hours and always speak your language. We’ve mastered what works for getting to the top of Google here in the Sunshine Coast. No tricks or gimmicks, just a strong understanding of the locals plus a relentless focus on the fundamentals.

No B.S.

No contracts – we let our results do the talking to keep you from walking. No middlemen - work directly with our Sunshine Coast SEO masters who bring solutions, not excuses. No hype - we’ll always be honest about what’s possible and never sell you a promise we can’t keep.

Real Time Results

Just like the sea at Surfers Paradise, we’re always crystal clear. That means upfront pricing and complete visibility into your campaign month after month. Stay informed with real-time reports to help you track your ROI and justify every penny spent.

Fun & Friendly Team

We might work hard, but we haven’t forgotten how to have fun. If you’re looking to work with an easy going team with a good sense of humour, we’re here to make SEO fun.

Your Success is our success

Award-Winning SEO in Sunshine Coast

There’s plenty of SEO services in the Sunshine Coast, but if you’re looking for an agency that’s getting their clients an average 300% ROI, then come say “hi” to our masters of the craft. 

By leaving contracts behind, focusing on the fundamentals and cutting out middlemangers, we deliver Sunshine Coast SEO services that are transparent, reliable and consistently profitable.

From Noosa to Golden Beach,  we know how to put your Sunshine Coast business on the map. 

Forget side hustlers. We’re dedicated to the craft and we’re leading the pack when it comes to high ROI SEO. That means no middlemen, no contracts, no cheap tricks or dangerous shortcuts. By mastering the fundamentals and staying focused on what works today, our trophy cabinet grows almost as fast as our clients’ ROI. 

Highlights include ‘Best Large SEO Agency’ in the 2023 APAC Awards, Best Large Global SEO Agency in the 2021 Global Search Awards, ‘Best Agency 2019’ in the SEMRush Search Awards, 2019 winner for the Mumbrella Awards, and the 2019 Marketing Innovation Winner for the Australian Business Awards.

We’re also a Google Partner Specialist and a Board Member of the Australian Web Industry Association.


Case Studies

SEO Case Studies from
Our Winning Clients

Gami Chicken
More Success Stories

We’ve helped deliver chart-topping ROI for big brands like Officeworks, Koala Living and Which Car through to local restaurants like Gami and hundreds more. If you’re looking for reliable, scalable SEO services in the Sunshine Coast, come see how we’re helping our clients fly high in search.


Latest SEO news

Sunshine Coast SEO Secrets

Our Sunshine Coast SEO masters share some of their hard-won wisdom for putting brands on the map in Google, even in the most competitive industries! See how we do SEO differently.


Got A Question? Check Out Our SEO FAQs

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    How much does Sunshine Coast SEO cost?

    The price of Sunshine Coast SEO depends on several factors such as your goals, company size, website complexity, market and more. It’s best to come say “hi” to our friendly team and we can give you a quote that works within your budget. And remember, with an average 300% ROI for our clients, it’s always an investment and never a “cost” with StudioHawk.

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    Is SEO a one-time effort?

    Unfortunately not. SEO is a long game, but can offer quick wins along the way. Our masterful Sunshine Coast SEO experts know all the right moves to make sure you see impressive ROI as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and the results are cumulative over time.

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    How will you target my local audience in the Sunshine Coast?

    There are many SEO strategies we’ll use to target your locals here in the Sunshine Coast. Some of the key activities include keyword research, on page optimisation, technical SEO, backlink building and local SEO. Alongside these, we’ll also monitor analytics, run competitive analysis, optimise user experience and provide ongoing SEO maintenance to ensure your campaign continues to produce impressive ROI.

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    Can you do SaaS SEO?

    Absolutely, we’ve worked with many SaaS SEO companies from start up to well-established. While the same SEO strategies apply to SaaS companies, the key difference is that SaaS typically has a longer and more complex customer journey/buying cycle. This means there are usually more opportunities to target different keywords at every stage of the buyer journey. SEO for SaaS can be complex, but our masterful experts can help you create a clear path forward with a tailored approach.

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    I have an in-house team, do I still need an agency?

    This depends, but in many cases, we work with big brands who seek our expertise despite having their own in-house SEO team. There’s a few reasons for this. Firstly, there is expertise and specialisation – We know SEO better than some of our own relatives. We live and breathe what works and our systems are extremely efficient and cost-effective. Then, tools and resources – we have a wide array of premium tools and resources that may be expensive for an individual business to invest in, so it’s far more affordable to hire our team instead. Finally, scalability. We’ll help you scale your business up or down based on your needs. No employee issues or contracts. Just pure flexibility to cope with seasonal demands, market shifts or cash flow challenges. Industry Insights - We’ve worked with 250+ clients so we get an unrivalled “peek behind the curtain” at what really works, and what doesn’t.

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    How long will it take to see results?

    This can vary depending on your industry, level of competition and specific search terms you’re targeting (e.g broad keywords take longer to rank for than long tail keywords.) Our masterful Sunshine Coast SEO experts know all the right moves to make sure you see impressive ROI as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and the results are cumulative over time.

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    My business is based in the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere. Can you still help?

    Yes, through geographic targeting and local Sunshine Coast SEO strategies, we can help you gain top rankings and high visibility across all of your business locations locally, Australia-wide and internationally.

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    Can you do eCommerce SEO?

    Yes, we work with some of the biggest ecommerce brands in Australia and the world, so if you’re looking to scale your business with eCommerce SEO, you’re certainly in good hands with StudioHawk.

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    Why choose SEO and not Google Ads?

    Whether you’re serving the local Sunshine Coast market or your audience is interstate or even global, it’s critical to have a solid SEO strategy in order to boost your visibility, build credibility and compete effectively in your industry. With 68% of online experiences beginning with a search engine and 53% of all traffic coming from organic search, it’s more important than ever to invest in expert SEO services in the Sunshine Coast to reach your market. Google Ads are great for quick results while your SEO campaign matures, because it allows you to see which keywords are leading to conversions. You can then incorporate and prioritise those keywords within your SEO campaign. This makes Google Ads the perfect pairing for SEO, but not necessarily a replacement. Google Ads do not get the Lion’s share of clicks and they don’t carry the same level of consumer trust as an organic listing in the search results. Plus, the cost of ads can fluctuate depending on the market demand, which can cause instability and uncertainty when trying to scale.

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    Have you worked with clients in the Sunshine Coast?

    We have worked with clients based everywhere in Australia, including the Sunshine Coast, and many of our other clients have their target audience based in this location. This means we have expert knowledge of the area and can boost your business to reach the people that matter most.

seo academy

Want to Learn More?
Check Out Hawk Academy

We have launched the Hawk Academy, where we can pass on our knowledge of SEO to you.

If you become a client, the Hawk Academy is free. Even if you’re not yet a client, there is some valuable information and tips you can gain from our Hawk Academy to help you and your business.

We want to stop SEO misinformation and make it easier to understand the power behind SEO and how it can help you.

SEO is for everyone, not just big business.


“I totally recommend the service because of the handholding and the results. These guys are the best; you can’t go wrong.”

Phil Leahy - Medcart


“StudioHawk took the time to understand what we needed as a business, our industry, and where we at in the marketplace. They were very open about their solutions and how they wished to achieve results – there was no ‘secret sauce’.”

Chris Capstick - Civilmart


“The team at StudioHawk have helped us quickly and easily get to page one of Google for multiple business-related search terms – that have directly affected our monthly sales on a channel we’ve never been able to grow ourselves. They’re not only highly skilled experts, but also incredible people to work with.”

Anna L - The Entourage


Our organisation has worked with StudioHawk for the past six months. We have seen our online presence and conversions go from strength-to-strength as a direct result of their guidance, knowledge, and industry relationships. They’re organised, professional, and deliver to a very high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Frances Hutchinson


“They are always there for me, answer all of my questions, and have really helped me and the business grow in brand awareness, traffic, and conversion.”

Adrianne Sackville - Bell & Bone


I have been working closely with StudioHawk for the past few months, and the results have been amazing! Without their guidance and support, I would’ve undoubtedly been unable to obtain first page rankings for the keywords ‘tutor’, ‘tutors’ and ‘tutoring’ – all of which are ultra-competitive keywords. Thanks, guys!

Dmitri Dalla-Riva


“The team at StudioHawk have been the force to help amplify our brand growth.”

Anesley Clarke - B2C Furniture


“StudioHawk cares and goes the extra mile. It’s a plan that feels customised and tailored to our needs.”

Logan Merrick - Sitting Pretty Halo Hair


“Working with the people in StudioHawk with their hands-on approach and getting to know our business has been a key part to the success we’ve seen.”

Mathew Walker - Petstock

Our Location

Address: Suite 16B/285A Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010