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Born On The Frontline

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Organic traffic YoY Increase

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 Increase in keyword base

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Rebuilt SEO friendly landing pages

New user experience and indexing improvements



Target Audience & Strategy

Target: To become a destination for the community to research and buy all essential medical supplies.

Strategy: Heavy education into content, keyword research, and backlinking leading to aggressive growth and lead generation.

CHallenges & Success

The Challenge 

  • SEO is a long game, so the initial challenge was helping a completely new website gain visibility and traffic in an already booming industry. We established that an aggressive SEO strategy was needed to get a website up and running from scratch.
  • MedShop was identified as our biggest competitor. A website with over 9 years of experience under its belt. A daunting challenge to reach this level of success over just a trend from the pandemic.

The Solution

  • To gain momentum, we decided to start with optimising the shop categories as these would be the main organic visibility drivers. 
  • The plan was to create several landing pages for top-level categories of each type of medical equipment. This would help to rank for transactional keywords and help to grow MedCart’s keyword directory. We advised that these landing pages would be highly navigational pages that would help to internally link categories across the website.
  • As a low budget campaign, the basic fundamentals of metadata was an ongoing focus alongside the on-page optimisation. We worked through providing meta-descriptions and title tags for the website pages.

The Results

  • The results started to stack up rapidly from the initial post at the start of February 2021 and the newly refurbished top-level category pages.