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Case Studies


How it’s possible to get a whopping 2000% organic traffic increase for a website serving medical supply needs.

Born On The Frontline!

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Organic traffic YoY Increase

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 Increase in keyword base

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Medcart aims to become a destination for the community to research and buy all essential medical supplies. MedCart provides consumers and businesses with easy access to a network of brands, retailers, and distributors with a large choice of products on the marketplace platform! In this Case Study, we explore how Medcart managed to grow its organic traffic and keyword base to an exceptionally healthy level!

The Need

StudioHawk met MedCart at the Retail Global event in July 2020. A deal between Harry and Phil, (business owner and board member of Retail Global), was made to help out on a side project of Phil’s. At the time, Phil had also just started the Frontliners initiative in March 2020 – helping to provide support to all hospital healthcare workers on the frontlines during the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia. Frontliners had become an overnight success due to the strength of the cause and the timing of its inception during the peak of the pandemic situation. After our first meeting, it was proven that the pandemic had given Phil another opportunity to create a successful, revenue-generating initiative.

User Centric Reseach

The Plan 

Our biggest competitor was a website with over 9 years of experience under its belt. The plan was to create several landing pages for the top-level categories for each type of medical equipment. This helped MedCart rank for transactional keywords and help to grow their keyword directory. We advised that these landing pages would be highly navigational pages that would help to internally link categories across the website. Unfortunately, the platform that MedCart was built on had a limitation where unique standalone pages were not a part of its capability. Pages could only be built as product pages, blog articles, or ‘promotional feature’ pages, (which were meant for seasonal deals and events).

SEO is a loooooooong game, so the initial challenge was helping a completely new website gain visibility and traffic in an already booming industry. We established that an aggressive SEO strategy was needed to get a website up and running from scratch. We put on the gloves and got to work!

The Execution

To gain momentum, we decided to start with optimising the shop categories as these would be the main organic visibility drivers. The first step was to create above-the-fold content for the shop category pages while proceeding to revamp the existing promotional pages as landing pages. These had a hardcoded URL structure that was not best practice – but essentially the best we had in this given situation. We focused on creating high-quality content for the Blog & News section of the website. We also provided initial research for keywords and search intent while reviewing and uploading the articles to the website. We provided a training session with thorough documentation for the MedCart team to write future blog articles with SEO best practices in mind. Throughout all this, we were able to outreach to niche relevant domains to help boost authority for the new website.

The Results

  • The results started to stack up rapidly from the initial post at the start of February 2021 and the newly refurbished top-level category pages.
  • We had rocketing organic users – increasing from 337 to 16,457.
  • The keyword base grew from 31 to 807.
  • We had a smashing launch of over ten rebuilt SEO-friendly landing pages and blogs to grow that keyword base!

  • With bangin’ organic growth comes some raging Keyword Growth. Our keyword variations for face masks, in particular, showed exceptional growth from May 2021 onwards, reaching the first page and skyrocketing our organic visibility. Organic keyword results began to ramp up – the kind of ramps, curves, and skyscraper bars we love to see pumping up our graphs:


Medcart’s success has been well noted and acknowledged. As well as the heavy increase in traffic and rankings, Medcart’s campaign also received recognition at the 2022 APAC Search Awards! The Best Use of Search – Health Category! We’re super proud in the success on all fronts.


“I totally recommend the service because of the handholding and the results. These guys are the best; you can’t go wrong.”

Phil Leahy - Medcart