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Upmove are Australia’s leading online platform that connects customers up with the best removalists across Australia. The Upmove platform is designed to streamline the removals process for everyone involved, handing back control and keeping Australia moving.

Upmove wanted to reach a wider audience and build their brand online, while gaining highly authoritative and diverse links to complement their organic search efforts.

Using DPR to Move Organic Performance.

DR 92

Highest link DR obtained.


Links obtained with 1 campaign.

DR 67

Average link DR.

Coverage Secured


Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in keywords in position 1-3.



Upmove knew of Digital PR from their connections in the UK and US, but hadn’t been able to find an agency who were able to run this service for the Australian market.

Aimed at obtaining high-authority links from a wide range of publications that their potential target audience could be reading, our Digital PR service was ready to support their site.

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  • Strong focus on reactive opportunities to gain a diverse range of publications.
  • Utilise strong data sourced from manual scraping to give journalists unique angles on well-read topics.
  • Gain links from a combination of global publications, specifically targeting high authority & relevant publications.
  • Be creative with our ideation process to open Upmove’s services to a wider audience.




In order to execute our plan, we needed to follow the step by step process of ideation, story, media list building, and outreach. 



  • We had identified a trend across social media and the news around Millennials trends of being a ‘plant parent’.  
  • We used this trend to play on the emotional ties of ‘Plant Parenthood’ and how they would want to protect their plant babies during a big move – the most likely chance of them getting damaged. This allowed us to pinpoint a new target audience for Upmove while maintaining relevancy.
  • With the campaign starting around the New Year, decluttering was trending – which is a key part of the moving process before packing. This would prove to be the basis of our data-led campaign combining both data-led and reactive techniques.
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Data Collection.

For our data-led piece, we wanted to utilise a wide spread of data points.

From TikTok to Instagram, we pulled together the top trending ‘decluttering’ techniques according to global hashtag views with all relevant keyword variants tallied. This included the likes of ‘move out method’ (for relevancy), ’80/20 decluttering rule’, ‘Core 4 method’, ‘KonMari method’ and more.

To make the press release even more engaging and to widen our potential target publications, we included data on the Cleantok influencers who earned the most. This allowed us to pinpoint more finance-based target publications.

We collated a seed list of popular home cleaning and organisation TikTok influencers globally, noting down their total followers, likes and number of videos. This was then inputted into an earnings calculator tool to reveal the estimated earnings per post. This data was then included within our press releases.

It’s important to note that our global audience meant the TikTok influencers and their earnings were different in the UK, US and Australia meaning we had to run these figures individually for each country.

Press release.

We crafted a series of tailored press releases across different niches including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Finance
  • National
  • Regional
  • Trends
  • Home

This allowed us to better understand which journalists we could pinpoint and to ensure that our press releases were specifically tailored to the content that they were writing about.

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media list building & outreach.

The media list is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break a successful digital PR campaign.

We utilised a series of existing relationships, and used our database, to reach out to new journalists in the industry that may be interested in this topic.

We built our media lists across multiple global and national publications and sent out personalised campaign sends for each.

This enabled us to secure high-authority press coverage that linked back to the client.

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  • DR 92 – Highest link DR gained.
  • 18 – Digital PR links acquired from one campaign. 
  • DR 67 – Average link DR score.
  • Coverage SecuredIdeal Home, Homes & Gardens, MSN and Country Living.
  • 144% Increase – in organic traffic
  • 54% Increase – in top 3 positions


By combining a range of Digital PR techniques to identify the type of data and stories that journalists would most resonate with allowed us to gain coverage in huge global publications.

While the client is based in Australia, and we secured significant Australian coverage, we were also able to enhance their brand exposure and gain links that supported their SEO campaign from publications across the globe.

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