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Hey there, we’re StudioHawk, your search obsessed SEO experts, master craftsmen and, well, nerds. No SEO side-hustlers here. Just industry leaders that deliver validated SEO strategies and stay focused on what works.

From Melbourne to Mackay and Largs Bay to London, we’re getting a name for ourselves with an average 300% ROI for clients.

Lee Kelly
Lee Kelly
I can't recommend StudioHawk enough! They played such a pivotal role in the relaunch of our website, and were incredible partners. They were so invested in getting great outcomes for us, their communication was incredible, and their work obviously amazing. They're everything we look for in a great partner.
Heather Rogers
Heather Rogers
Working with Pirri and the team at Studio Hawk has been a great experience - we feel very comfortable that our SEO is in the hands of extremely knowledgeable and experienced experts.
Jordan Hepburn
Jordan Hepburn
StudioHawk has improved my business SEO beyond my wildest dreams. We have have been lucky enough to deal with Warren, and he has set realistic targets, set roadmaps for future improvements and his communication is spot on!
Sarah Irvine
Sarah Irvine
I have been working with Studio Hawk for close to 2 years and it has been such a great experience. The Studio Hawk Team held our hand during our website migration, ensuring all our data and SEO elements were seamlessly setup and we have seen a huge success. Throughout the project, they collaborated with us and our Developer agency and made us feel part of a team.
Darren Cain
Darren Cain
Studiohawk are a fantastic SEO partner for us. Their team are knowledgeable, professional and very proactive. We've seen some outstanding results over the course of our partnership. Would highly recommend.
Viet Pham
Viet Pham
Our account managers Rob and Andrew have been great in communicating and guiding us to transform our online presence. We are seeing fantastic results!
Tash Chernov Homann
Tash Chernov Homann
Working with Brooke from StudioHawk has been seamless and professional. She is always proactive, thinking of what we can work on next to optimise the business.
Tracy Kopp
Tracy Kopp
I've been working with Studiohawk for a couple of years now and I love them. Thank you, team, for the growth you've helped my business achieve 🙂
Trevor Holt
Trevor Holt
Warren is thorough, energetic and gets results. Keep it up. Recommended.
Coastal Babysitters
Coastal Babysitters
We have been working with Zac and StudioHawk for 4 months now and we have gotten some amazing results in such a short time. Great team and great communication. Highly Recommend


How We Level Up Your SEO ROI

It’s simple really. We’re an SEO agency with a relentless focus on the fundamentals. Our decisions are driven by data but made by humans. No baggage handlers to pass the buck. Plus a nuanced approach that’s tailored for your business. Ultimately, we’re the SEO company that cares about your ROI and bottom line results.

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Targeted Traffic.

Anyone can get traffic. But our SEO masters know how to bring traffic that converts – starting with careful keyword selection based on proven principles and hard data.

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Tested Keywords.

As your business evolves, your keywords will too. No guesswork here – we test a number of keywords and let the data speak for itself.

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Optimisations By Experts, Not Robots.

As masters of our craft, we know there’s more to SEO than algorithms and code. From technical features to offsite credibility, backlinks to positive user experience, our hands-on experts are making nuanced decisions that robots can’t.

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Monthly Meetings & Education.

Our experts work closely with you for total transparency and open communication – no middle managers giving you mixed messages. Get monthly reports delivered by real experts, helping you see your ROI, understand what we’ve been up to and where we’re going next. 

Get 300% ROI with SEO


SEO Services, Crafted for results.

Our Award-Winning SEO Services

Discover all the SEO services that we offer including eCommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, and so much more.




Market your local business online

Search traffic is the highest converting marketing channel, which means SEO is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. But SEO is often misunderstood. Partner with the master SEO craftsman who can help you achieve “big brand” results for your local/SME business.

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SEO Analytics

Reporting your website’s performance

We might be SEO nerds, but we’re great at decoding the data so it’s easy for you to understand. Our monthly analytics reports give you total transparency and include targeted keyword research and content recommendations.

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SEO Services

Search Intent Research

Understanding search behaviour

There are different reasons why people search for something online. We can get to the heart of the query, known as search intent, so you’re always showing your customers the right information at the right time.

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Harness Your Data

link Acquisition

Building reputable inbound links

By focusing on the fundamentals and what works today, we’ll help increase backlinks to your website and boost your ranking. Unlike most agencies, our campaigns are executed inhouse to ensure high-quality links that accelerate your results.

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enterprise seo at work

Enterprise SEO

SEO for larger websites

We’ve mastered what moves the needle for large scale search campaigns, which is why we’re quickly becoming the go-to SEO nerds for enterprises. You might have a complex hierarchy on your website, but our obsessive focus means nothing slips through the cracks.

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Optimise Your Website

Technical SEO

Technical SEO health check

Our master technicians provide a detailed SEO audit of your website to see what’s working and uncover hidden opportunities for extra traffic. Our hawk-like eye will spot any duplicate content, excessive headings, and other SEO faux pas you might not be aware of.

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SEO Speaking & Training

Boost your SEO skills

As industry leaders, pioneers and playbook rewriters, we’ve got some knowledge to share with you or your team. We offer SEO training in Melbourne and online for individuals and small teams. Master the fundamental tools you need to help boost your website traffic, improve your Google ranking and understand the nuances of SEO for digital marketing. We’re also available to speak at your next digital conference or event.

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Studiohawk services

Our service values

Simple Pricing

Simple pricing, starting from $1200 + GST per month, with no lock-in contracts. We know we can produce the results you’re looking for, so we don’t need to hold you to a piece of paper. As long as you continue to want to work with us, we want to work with you.

We not only provide you with a monthly report detailing how everything is going, we also give you a basic SEO education, including Google Analytics training. This way, you understand exactly what’s going on at all times.

We don’t outsource overseas. Forget being constantly handballed between SEO managers or managing different time zones and cultures. We build and foster a dedicated team of local talent, which heightens our cultural understanding of Western markets and communication skills.

Our fixed monthly costing and reporting mean we’re accountable to you each and every month with no lock in contracts. You always know who’s in control of what, when everything is being done, and what’s coming up next. We never play the blame game. We just get it done.


FAQs for SEO Agencies

Read our latest FAQs to give you insight into how SEO works and how it can support your digital strategy.

Does SEO really work?

We can say with confidence that, yes, SEO does work, there are SEO case studies that prove this. As with all things worthwhile, it takes time, but once an SEO campaign has started, it rolls on and always upwards.

Ideally, you’ll see results within 3 months. You will see your site going upwards on the SERPs, you will see more traffic arriving at your website, and keywords you’re trying to rank for, lifting you up the search pages.

How much does SEO cost?

The more you invest in SEO, the greater your return. This is not an attempt from us to make you spend more money. You can get great results with us from a minimum spend of $1200 a month. A larger investment will provide additional benefits, such as more time from SEO professionals to work on your website or on backlinks, and you can get more SEO copy written for your campaign.

Have an honest chat with any SEO agency you want to engage with. Talk about what your budget is, what it will be paying for, and make sure the investment is suitable for your budget

To learn more about creating your own SEO success, you can check out Hawk Academy; StudioHawk’s dedicated SEO training platform.

Is SEO worth it?

Learning about SEO and finding the right agency to work with is worth your time and money. Organic SEO builds upon itself. By adding content, updating your pages, and finding backlinks, you get a gradual uplift in the SERP and traffic to your site. And it will keep rising as you do it.

While paid SEO can get you big wins quickly, it, can cost you more money over the long run. And if you choose to stop the PPC and other paid marketing, your SERP results drop like a stone.

The coolest thing about SEO and its worth? If you start to learn about it yourself, you can apply SEO everywhere, yourself. Have a new product you want to launch? You don’t have to wait for your agency to schedule it in. You can start on it yourself. With knowledge of keywords, heading structure, and more, you can write your own SEO Copy, knowing that it will be effective.

What does an SEO Company do?

A good SEO agency should do the SEO work for you. They’ll tell you exactly what they’re doing, get you involved so you understand what’s going on, and communicate regularly with the wins and the not-so-wins.

That is a very high-level observation, we know. Let’s get a little dirtier and tell you what StudioHawk does as an SEO Agency.

How to Choose an SEO Company?

Have a conversation.

Chat to the people at the SEO company. Are they salesy? Do they sound more interested in making a sale than explaining the ins and outs of SEO? If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, then walk away. You will have a long relationship with these people. If it doesn’t feel good from the start, it probably won’t improve going forward.


Many companies want to lock you in for 6 months or 12 months. For some, the certainty of the same people doing the job for 12 months for a flat fee works both for budget and for peace of mind.

However, we’ve found that lock-in contracts breed complacency. They don’t have to work for your money. They already have it.

Case Studies

Look for proof of past performance, testimonials, and what other clients have to say. We tend to trust the opinions of others, especially when it comes to making a significant purchase. 

Check out the testimonial section and any recent case studies. Do you like what these clients say? Does it feel genuine? Are they in your industry?

SEO Awards

Has the agency won any awards? What kind of awards are they? How recent are they?

Awards are great to win, especially from esteemed organisations. But if all you see on the front page of an SEO agency’s website is nothing but ‘we won awards!’, you’ll need to look deeper.

But look deeper than that. We back these awards up with a team of professional SEO experts, some darn good SEO Content Writers, and world-renowned SEO Experts.

Is SEO for me?

Everyone who has a business can benefit from some kind of SEO. To what degree, and how much it could cost you, is a conversation you need to have with your marketing team and with your friendly neighborhood SEO Agency. It’s a surefire way to get more traffic to your website, which increases your chances of conversion into paying clients.

Have a chat with anyone on our SEO team. We’re specialists at what we do; we’re not salespeople who will try to sell you a dream. We’re transparent with our assessment, and if we don’t think a full SEO campaign would benefit you, we won’t push you.

We also won’t lock you into any contracts. If it doesn’t feel right for you, you can leave at any time It’s that simple.

How long does it take to get ranking?

You’ll start to see improvements in your ranking within the first couple of months. That doesn’t mean page 1 of the SERP, but you will begin your climb soon. To be honest, this is a loaded question. People want to know how long it takes until they’ll hit rank #1. The answer is usually around 6 months, but this is not totally accurate. We can get you onto page one of the SERP in 6 months, but ranking #1 might be longer. Many factors determine 1st place, including what your competitors are doing. Focus more on getting rankings on page #1, which we’ll get you.

Is SEO a short term or long term strategy?

The short answer – long term strategy. The longer answer – great SEO work involves many facets which build in effectiveness over time. Backlink strategies, content strategies, competitor analysis, and more.
These strategies can change over time with market trends, customer search intents, and more. Your competitors could change up their strategies, you may want to target different keywords or long tail keywords. You may want to increase the content for your website. Suffice it to say, it is a long-term strategy that has even longer-term benefits for your business.

What are backlinks and how important are they?

It could be argued that content is the most important factor in an SEO strategy. While backlinks are important, content is something that you can have significant control over. You can choose how many blogs you post per month, how long they are, and what keywords you want to include. You can decide how much copy you have for product pages and category pages. And the best thing about this content is – it will always be on your website, doing its magical SEO thing, for as long as it is live and online.

What to look for in a SEO agency?

We think one of the most important things you want to look for in an SEO agency is transparency and honesty. You don’t want to be taken for a very expensive ride by people who promise the world and then deliver the opposite. You want an agency that provides you with monthly reports and updates. This way you know the money you’re investing is bringing results, with reports that make sense without technical babble that confuses you. You want to look for an agency that has quantifiable results and a history to back up its promises.

What type of clients do you take on?

We take on clients who can envision success, who want to work with us, and who understand that what we will do for them will work – but it will take some time. We have large clients, small business clients, and medium clients, all of whom are looking to invest in the long-term growth of their businesses. We take on clients who are open-minded, who listen to the advice we provide, and who give great feedback to us. We take on clients who ask fantastic questions and enquire about what we do.

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I have been working closely with StudioHawk for the past few months, and the results have been amazing! Without their guidance and support, I would’ve undoubtedly been unable to obtain first page rankings for the keywords ‘tutor’, ‘tutors’ and ‘tutoring’ – all of which are ultra-competitive keywords. Thanks, guys!

Dmitri Dalla-Riva


Our organisation has worked with StudioHawk for the past six months. We have seen our online presence and conversions go from strength-to-strength as a direct result of their guidance, knowledge, and industry relationships. They’re organised, professional, and deliver to a very high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Frances Hutchinson


“StudioHawk took the time to understand what we needed as a business, our industry, and where we at in the marketplace. They were very open about their solutions and how they wished to achieve results – there was no ‘secret sauce’.”

Chris Capstick - Civilmart


“Working with the people in StudioHawk with their hands-on approach and getting to know our business has been a key part to the success we’ve seen.”

Mathew Walker - Petstock


“The team at StudioHawk have helped us quickly and easily get to page one of Google for multiple business-related search terms – that have directly affected our monthly sales on a channel we’ve never been able to grow ourselves. They’re not only highly skilled experts, but also incredible people to work with.”

Anna L - The Entourage


“StudioHawk cares and goes the extra mile. It’s a plan that feels customised and tailored to our needs.”

Logan Merrick - Sitting Pretty Halo Hair


“I totally recommend the service because of the handholding and the results. These guys are the best; you can’t go wrong.”

Phil Leahy - Medcart