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Increases in revenue and in organic traffic while also conducting a site migration? ‘Drop’ down and ‘bear’ the results!

Koala Living the SEO Dream!

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Growth in revenue!


Increase in transactions!

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Increase in overall organic traffic users!

SEO Services

To be able to be stylish yet smartly budget-conscious is an impeccable skill. If somebody wanted to nail that with their furniture, then Koala Living would cater to their needs. There are furniture stores aplenty, especially those boasting about their designer niche and value – so how did StudioHawk ensure that Koala Furniture stood out from the other nifty marsupials of the furniture industry? Read on!

Life Supports


A boost in revenue! A boost in organic traffic! With a new site-build on the horizon it was a classic case of boosting, assisting, educating, working with external developers, (even heavy-handedly when needed), and keeping the increases thriving post such a disruptive digital process.



At the start of the campaign, the key strategy we wanted to land was to align the keyword research to the key pages. Then we wanted to align with the target audience, optimise the existing pages, map out new blog topics, and create a new subcategory page to go after missed opportunities. 

Then… (drumroll)… assist with the complications of migrating the site – aka, making sure the koala was happy in their new (digital) home!


The first step was to focus on education into on-page content with staff training, content strategy with a content calendar to map out key goals, keyword research, and backlinking – leading to aggressive Koala-with-fangs style growth and lead generation! With explosive results came the next giant step of dealing with the ramifications of a make-or-break SEO transition: the site migration.

Koala Living’s internal project lead needed support to liaise with their in-house and offsite development agency with the new site build. We helped lead the project to advise with keyword research, setup, structure, and configuration for a custom build AWS site on React with 2 separate CloudFront buckets.

THE Results

  • Pre-Migration Results: We benchmarked our progress at 535.28% growth in revenue and 523.72% increase in transactions with a 140.14% increase in organic traffic.
  • Post-Migration Results: With quick analysis and instruction post-migration, we can confirm a successful migration with 39.75% growth in revenue and 23.94% increase in transactions with a 35.65% increase in organic traffic.


Websites can go through many disruptive periods, and a site migration is one of the biggest thrills, (if you want to call it that), for chaos in rankings and general SEO shenanigans. There was a lot of back and forth, catching drops and reinforcing corrections, but Koala Living are powering back and keeping those increases alive and well.