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National Accounts.

National Accounts are based in a highly competitive accounting field in Adelaide and are a very small business trying to find their niche in their industry. 

The founder describes himself as an unusual Chartered Accountant. He has a passion for helping clients achieve the best outcomes, loves helping generate wealth, and enjoys streamlining processes. 

Always Account for SEO Success.


Increase in organic traffic. 


Increase in organic visibility. 

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Accountancy is boring. We wanted to find a way to make the service more fun, more exciting, and to reach a new target audience by bringing accountancy into the new ages. We wanted to help our client stand out from the crowd. This is where the idea of targeting streamers and content creators came in.

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  • Pivot the strategy away from generic accountancy terms to target a more niche audience: Content creators and influencers. 
  • Conduct keyword research around new influencer channel landing pages like Twitch & YouTube.
  • Create long-form blog content around channels like OnlyFans & Patreon.
  • Provide content briefs on the above, and optimisation recommendations for content written by the client.




In order to execute our plan, we needed to continually pivot and assess our strategy to see what was working and what was worth going after. This included extensive keyword research and detailed content briefs alongside close client collaboration. 


Targeted Keyword research.

  • Younger generations like Gen Z’s are at the age of starting their own businesses, and streaming has become a genuine source of income. 
  • With the rise of platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and even OnlyFans, we quickly realised this was an untapped market that many ‘traditional’ accountants either won’t touch or at least won’t be public about it. 
  • We began with targeting keyword research around different platforms like Twitch & YouTube. 
  • We also researched generic queries like ‘Do social media influencers pay tax’ and ‘Is patreon taxed’. 
  • While search volumes were lower than the standard localised terms we were initially targeting, the competition was also significantly lower, giving us a perfect avenue to rank quickly and efficiently with the limited budget that we had to work with.

Content Briefs.

We started with Twitch and YouTube pages, as these are known and less ‘frowned upon’ platforms, to see how they would perform and what kind of business they would bring in for the firm.

We provided consultancy to the firm to help them to create new landing pages targeting tax-related terms around the platforms. 

The concept for the page was to target both informational and commercial intent. The page would provide detailed information on whether the platform is tax deductible, how monetising the platform works, and what solutions the firm can provide to help manage any income tax with a clear call to action.

We provided content briefs that the client could quickly and easily refer to and utilise for their new content pages, while staying in line with regulatory requirements.


Doubling down.

We doubled down and began building out new pages around: 

  • OnlyFans
  • Patreon
  • TikTok
  • AirBnb
  • Dropshipping

We also produced keyword research around long-tail terms related to these platforms for the blog. 

This would help to build the authority of National Accounts and help to position them as a leader in this niche.

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Assessing lead quality & Impact.

As leads started to come in from these pages, they were classified as Grade B clients. This meant that social media influencers and content creators were identified as leads with high return – as well as having an 80% conversion rate on average. 

This niche is one that National Accounts now dominates in Australia. 

The top landing pages in June 2023 – 8 out of the top 10 relate to streaming services and social media pages. Plus, the client’s Instagram page now states that the business is an accounting firm specifically for content creators. 

National Accounts


  • 188% increase in organic traffic. 
  • 231% increase in organic visibility


We were not afraid to venture into something different to make the limited budget that the client had work for his business and bring in quality results around traffic and visibility. 

Our thinking outside of the box helped the firm to pivot its entire business model to focus specifically on influencers and content creators. 

This allowed them to break out of the competitive ‘traditional’ accountancy niche, and become the ‘go-to’ solution for different platforms, bringing accountancy into a new age and pushing the business director to become an influencer in his own right in the space.

The firm now focuses primarily on this target audience as a direct result of our work. The lead quality for this audience is one of the highest qualities according to the client’s own internal grading system.

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