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Addicted to Audio.

Pumping out a brand new website to replace the old, and moving to the beat to capture organic traffic and revenue. Let’s turn it up to 11!

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Increase YoY in organic users.

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 Increase in revenue.

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Increase in keywords in the top 3 rankings for category pages.

Onsite SEO

Bass Blasting SEO.

Addicted to Audio is an authorised Australian seller for a wide range of brands, including Yamaha, Sonos, Focal, Bose, and many more.

George and the team had been running Addicted to Audio for a number of years and had never engaged in any kind of digital marketing – not even SEO – until they came across our office in London. They approached StudioHawk during their website redesign stage to engage in an e-commerce SEO campaign.

Once the website was redesigned, the goal was to rank higher for highly competitive keywords, drive in more organic traffic, and bass-boost that revenue!


The main strategy at the start was to ensure a smooth transition from the old website design to the new website design while not losing any significant traffic and revenue. Rock on!

The Plan

The main strategy at the start was to ensure a smooth transition from the old website design to the newer one without losing any significant traffic and revenue. After the redesign, the plan was to increase our keyword directory, our organic traffic, and overall revenue – an eCommerce SEO case study number one hit!

This was to be done by:

The Execution

When redesigning the website, we made sure that the product pages had high-quality images, very comprehensive content, and a review widget section. Below is an example from a product page.

The first course of action was to identify which of the main collection and categories pages needed more of a push. Once those were identified, we created a list and inspected it thoroughly to see if the following elements were optimised: Title tags, URL structure, H1 headings, and internal linking processes.

Alongside some dedicated backlink acquisition towards the collection pages, the main takeaway from the collection page optimisation process was the need to start adding Internal linking above-the-fold, (which had never existed beforehand).

Then we liaised with Addicted To Audio’s Shopify developers to write below the fold content. (Guitar riff!) We wrote content on over 70 collection pages – providing clarity for search engines and for users that wished to know more about the collection. Below is an example from the headphones page.

We moved on to optimising the blog section. When Addicted to Audio signed joined us, they only had 3-4 blogs that weren’t really doing a whole heap for them. Given that we were going to be writing a large amount of blogs covering a wide array of topics, we sectioned the blog section into different categories. The topics were nestled under a category based on their theme.

A lot of SEO ‘theories’ state having above-the-fold content is enough to get a page ranking. However, given that Addicted To Audio is in a very (tough) niche against some of Australia’s biggest retailers, we wanted to experiment with their collection pages by having both ‘above’ and ‘below’ the fold content

Once we got the buy-in from the client, we gave them a template to use as a guide for their in-house copywriter to utilise. While many specialists within the SEO community argue that below the fold isn’t really necessary and that it doesn’t really do much, we noticed that the opposite, in fact, happened in this case.

We added below-the-fold content in April of 2021 and we saw results within the first 1-2 months.


  • Collection Pages = 228% Increase in Top 3 Ranking Keywords:


Each case study brings its own unique challenges and solutions. Addicted To Audio was one that had multiple facets and bent some traditional viewpoints on SEO we were open to capitalise upon. Boom-shaka-laka!