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Evolve Skateboards.

Evolve Skateboards are a leading electric skateboard manufacturer and seller. Their boards are high performance machines that combine strength, sophistication, the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology – made by riders, for riders.

They wanted to leverage the authority that Digital PR can gain to help boost their new SEO campaign and promote their brand new product – the electric BMX!

Using DPR to Shred Organic Performance.

DR 90

Highest link DR obtained.


Links obtained with 1 campaign.

DR 66

Average link DR.

Coverage Secured



Evolve Skateboards had a brand new product that they were bringing to market – the Electric BMX. Revelling in 90’s nostalgia, we wanted to help the brand promote this product while gaining high authority links to support their SEO campaign. 

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  • Use the product to sell itself to journalists – it was such a unique product that we knew with the right angle and the right media targeting, we could see some impressive results.
  • Consider a data-led campaign that focused on the use case of this product, while opening up the brand to a wider audience.
  • Target global publications for the BMX as the product was marketed for Australia, UK and US.



In order to execute our plan, we needed to follow the step by step process of ideation, story, media list building, and outreach. 



  • Use product-led PR to shout about their new electric BMX product, approaching highly targeted publications (cycle / sports / lifestyle) as well as pushing out the campaign to wider audiences for more exposure.
  • Support the link acquisition with a data-led campaign around the ‘Best Bike Trails in Australia’ where people could ride a BMX as well as other types of bikes.
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Data Collection.

For our data-led piece, we manually calculated the most popular biking trails in Australia. This was calculated based on key factors such as trail ratings and reviews on AllTrails, including the amount of photos uploaded, and the total number of Instagram hashtags related to these trails. We reviewed 200 biking trails and analysed the data we found. We also filtered out tracks that had a higher level of difficulty or were longer than 50km.  

This generic angle meant that we could target a much wider range of publications including nationals, regionals and travel related publications, rather than focusing just on the cycling niche.

For our product-led PR, we spent a lot of time working with the client to craft an accurate description of the product, using previous releases that they had put together which had not landed much coverage. This close collaboration allowed us to find out the most unique selling points for the product, to make it even more attractive to journalists.


Press release.

We crafted a series of tailored press releases across different niches including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Cycling
  • Sports
  • National
  • Regional
  • Trends

This allowed us to better understand which journalists we could pinpoint and to ensure that our press releases were specifically tailored to the content that they were writing about.

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media list building & outreach.

The media list is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break a successful digital PR campaign.

We utilised a series of existing relationships, and used our database, to reach out to new journalists in the industry that may be interested in this topic.

We built our media lists across multiple global and national publications and sent out personalised campaign sends for each.

This enabled us to secure high-authority press coverage that linked back to the client.

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  • DR 90 – Highest link DR gained.
  • 9 – Digital PR links acquired from one campaign. 
  • DR 66 – Average link DR score.
  • Coverage SecuredTimeOut, Stuff NZ, Trendhunter, Bike Biz and more.


By combining a range of Digital PR techniques to identify the type of data and stories that journalists would most resonate with allowed us to gain coverage in huge global publications.

While the client is based in Australia, and we secured significant Australian coverage, we were also able to enhance their brand exposure and gain links that supported their SEO campaign from publications across the globe.

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