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  • An increase of 475% YoY.
  • B2C Furniture ranking page 1 for kids beds, single bed with trundle, childrens beds, and ‘kids trundle beds’, alongside other major retailers.
  • Organic search as a part of overall traffic from 4.5% to 17.8% YoY.
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Increase YoY in organic users

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Ranking Page 1

Kids beds, single bed with trundle, children’s beds.

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Increase in organic traffic share

Onsite SEO


B2C Furniture is a small furniture store based out of Melbourne, Australia. It sells high-quality furniture made from sustainably sourced hardwood at a competitive price. On SERPs, this space is predominantly owned by big retailers such as Fantastic Furniture, Ikea, Forty Winks, and more. Therefore, B2C Furniture consulted StudioHawk to help grow its e-commerce SEO presence and compete with the big players in this highly competitive space.

During mid-2020, B2C Furniture decided it was time to give the website a complete makeover to compete against industry giants, and entice users to buy more from the website. At this stage, StudioHawk’s plan of attack was to ensure no traffic was lost during the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We ensured the website’s information architecture was clean and allowed both users and search engines to easily find the collection pages through the transition.

Once the transition was over, the main focus now was on having relevant content on collection pages, internal linking, targeted backlink outreach, and consistent blog uploading.


  • Adding high-quality and dedicated content on collection pages
  • Optimising on-page SEO elements on collection pages – URL structure, title tag, H1 heading, and meta description on collection pages
  • Revamping homepage to more clearly describe B2C Furniture’s USP and make it easy for users to navigate to collection pages
  • Acquiring backlinks to target specific category or product pages to boost page authority.
  • Consistent uploading high-quality blogs around niche topics

B2C Furniture was struggling to compete for very competitive keywords such as trundle beds, kids beds, queen size bed frames given the competitive niche they were in. At this stage, B2C Furniture wasn’t even close to getting to page 1 for some of these keywords.

Based on our research we noticed the big competitors such as Fantastic Furniture and Amart Furniture had well optimised category pages that were ranking on Google.

With this mind, our plan of attack here was to ensure the collection pages were well optimised in order to rank for these competitive keywords. 

The issue was to ensure the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was smooth. Therefore, any URL that we wanted to change we ensured they were 301 redirected from old URLs to the new URL so it fit nicely with the new information architecture.

But something nobody anticipated happened around March 2020, when the first lockdown for COVID-19 was announced in Australia. We saw a massive uptick in trending keywords around kids beds online, and other keywords.

We uploaded one of B2C Furniture’s best performing blogs around July 2020 to attract a new audience to the website. The blog was well researched and written, and given that users were at home, the keyword ‘bed frame sizes’, started trending between August and September. Safe to say it was perfect timing!

We also started internally linking from collection pages towards the blog to signal to Google the importance of this blog and inform users about this guide as it was very helpful during their buying process.

Within 2 months, the blog was ranking for a total of 163 keywords; 5 on the 1st page and 20 on the 2nd page.

At this stage, B2C Furniture were really impressed with StudioHawk and wanted to get more aggressive with this growth. We proposed they invest more around September 2020 to go harder into this momentum and take things to the next level.

The client was able to dial back paid marketing campaigns to focus solely on the successes that organic search brought them. B2C wants to continue building that profile well into the future, saving a fortune on money sent directly to Google.


  • Evolution:By educating the client on the importance of SEO, we were able to achieve:
    • An increase of 475% over the past 12 months.
    • B2C Furniture ranking page 1 for kids beds, single bed with trundle, children’s beds, and ‘kids trundle beds’, alongside other major retailers.
    • Organic search as a part of overall traffic from 4.5% to 17.8% YoY.