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Like talent queueing for a major audition, even agencies are hoping to be discovered and make a breakthrough on Google. See how Hunter Talent got the lead!

Taking The Lead Role in Talent Management!


Increase in top 3 keywords!


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‘Influencer Management’.

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Hunter Talent is dedicated to helping aspiring models and actors achieve their dreams. They have a team of experienced industry professionals who will guide their clients every step of the way, from helping them create a portfolio to finding the right auditions and casting opportunities.



Hunter Talent came to us with one primary goal: to rank in major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide on page 1 of Google for “talent agency”.

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Here were the goals we intended to ‘produce’ and the ‘direction’ of our target audience:

  • Generate 500 extra leads.
  • Increase organic traffic users by 1800-2200 users YoY.
  • Grow the keyword base an extra 500-750.
  • Grow keywords in top 3 positions by 25-50.
  • Rank page 1 for “talent agency” location-based keywords for major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide.
  • Target casting agents in major Australian cities – to sign briefs to the company’s talent.
  • Target models, actors, and Influencers in major Australian cities – find talent for the agency.


There were four parts to our strategy:

  1. Create Optimised Location Pages For Major Cities. The goal here was to create highly optimised location pages for Australia’s major cities to bring in location-based organic users locally throughout the country.
  2. Location Page Schema Markup. We intended to create enhanced rich snippets on Google’s search engine to provide more enticing search results for the target users.
  3. Blog Content Strategy That Aligns With Service Offering. The idea behind this was to increase Google’s awareness of Hunter Talent’s service offering by contextualising it through the form of blogs.
  4. Backlink Acquisition (Every Month). By gaining more backlinks to the site, we can increase Hunter Talent’s digital presence. This can lead to more authority in Google’s eyes.

To set things in motion, a talented team of seven was put together in a dedicated Slack channel called “HunterTalent-StudioHawk”. Strong communication and a great workflow between both teams was critical to the success of this SEO campaign. We have researched and provided the recommended page structure for all location pages – focusing on ‘Talent Agency” as the primary keyword for each service area. Key elements of location page success included:

Hunter Talent
  • Utilising primary keywords in the H1 heading.
  • Supporting location-based content with primary service information to create search intent.
  • Links to pages of supporting content around the type of talent.
  • Testimonials to demonstrate trust and show authority.
  • A call to action to inspire users to convert.

On Location.

With the goal of attracting organic users for location pages Australia-wide, we needed to get creative! We wrote a frequently asked question section for each location page to attach that golden ‘FAQ Schema’ to achieve rich snippets for our locations.


  • To take up more real estate on the search engine.
  • To potentially increase the click-through rate with more appealing search results.
  • To guide users with location-based questions. For example, “how can I get into modelling in Perth?”
  • Utilising keywords naturally throughout the copy and the headings on each page.
  • To create opportunities for internal links on-page.


A Talented Blog Strategy.

We consulted and recommended over 40 SEO-optimised blog articles around the key service offerings to build topical authority in the eyes of Google. The articles were written under “/modelling/” and “/acting/” subfolders to create pillars of authority around the topics – with internal links pointing back to our location and service pages where relevant.

“Star Status” Backlink Acquisition.

In order to grow the authority of the website and increase its keyword base throughout the campaign, we acquired 173 backlinks to its profile. The strategy behind this was to increase the website’s overall authority by having a larger digital presence in the eyes of search engines in order to increase their baseline keywords.

“Influencing” the Search.

In May 2021, we wanted to further tap into the influencer space by capitalising on a pattern on Google Trends. With competition in the space, brands were catching on quickly – so the challenge was to keep up the pace. We launched an “Influencer Management” page with internal links for influencer pages in major Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. We are now ranking #1 for “Influencer Management” and hovering between positions 5-11 for location-based keywords for those cities.

After launching six location pages the campaign received ”runway” status results:

Hunter 1


  • Top 3 keyword increase: 512%
  • Total keyword increase: 166%



With local SEO strategies boosting the business tenfold, Hunter Talent is a force in the field. Through location pages being curated, optimised with schema to enhance, and lining up with a strong content and links strategy to bolster this amazing SEO campaign – this is one success story that possibly deserves its own streaming network series!

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