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Why should a small business use SEO?

As a small business, it’s hard to compete with larger companies that have their own SEO experts and vast resources. But you don’t need any of those things! StudioHawk will help your company rank on Google through advanced technical strategies designed just for you at an affordable price—without breaking the bank or compromising service levels

With product-driven SEO, you can dominate your competition and become a household name in no time. The next generation of customers wants to find websites that have what they need on the spot—and with every search query entering keywords related directly or indirectly from services offered by companies like yours it’s easy for their searches to be directed towards one place!

You don’t have to be a large corporation with an unlimited budget for marketing your small business. All you need are the right tools and techniques, which we offer at StudioHawk! Read our case studies to understand more of our awarding winning campaigns.

What SEO Can Do for Your Small Business

StudioHawk provides the perfect balance of creativity and efficiency to make your business stand out. We do this every day for businesses, large or small in virtually any industry; let us help you reach those website goals! With our SEO consultation service we can analyze what keywords are important for targeting on each page as well as identify key activities like link building which may increase search engine rankings over time – all while keeping costs low (or even reducing them).

The struggle of getting your product in front of people who are actively looking for what you offer is one that faces every small and local business. It’s a challenge most entrepreneurs would never wish on their worst enemy, but it has become increasingly necessary over time with SEO competition rising at an alarming rate across all industries.

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StudioHawk offers outstanding SEO for Small Businesses

High Intent Keywords

Your target audience is the first step in developing an intuitive keyword strategy. StudioHawk discovers keywords that are revenue drivers, have a high volume, the right search intent, and new highly engaged attract new customers.

Optimised Landing Pages

StudioHawk’s data-driven and holistic approach to SEO leads to the creation and optimization of highly intent-specific landing pages – and have every box checked to get the green tick from search engines ranking factors.

Digital PR & Link Building

Our unique backlink acquisition approach is scalable, strategic, and effective in growing authority. We are leading into digital PR to gain brand name publications to boost rankings.

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What we do with SEO & Your Business

Technical SEOWe tweak your site to optimize for crawlability, indexibility, and getting those URLs in to search results.

Search Intent Research – We discover commercially viable high-volume, low-competition keywords for your company.

SEO Content Writing – We write articles for your blog and others that are focused on educational-purpose keywords.

Link Acquisition – We receive fresh, relevant links with strong SEO metrics from domains to key pages of your website

Digital PR – Backlinks from industry blogs reduce your bounce rate and improve the chances of conversions on your website. They expand brand awareness to a larger audience.

Analytics – We provide a thorough analysis of how our SEO activities have impacted your small business, as well as insight on each link we constructed.

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