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Content is king when it comes to your SEO campaign.

SEO Copywriting includes the words on your website, such as web copy, product pages, category pages, and most importantly blogs and articles. Why are they most important? Because they are new SEO content. Google loves it when you add fresh new content, with keywords and long-tail keywords that cater to search intent.

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What makes good content?

Good SEO Copywriting is more than just good writing. Sure, it has to read well and not sound awkward due to keyword stuffing, but it also needs to consider search intent. It has to have keywords relating to what people are searching for, or what keywords you are trying to rank for.

You can write a wonderful article which answers the questions readers have, but if it has no keywords, Google will not display it as an option when returning search results.

Good SEO Copywriting is a blend of the craft of writing and the science of SEO writing. The best SEO Copywriters will deliver you an article with personality, and the reader will hardly notice the keywords you’re trying to target.

Fresh content is good for your website, your ranking, and for your audience.

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Keyword Research & Trend Analysis

Keywords are the most important part of SEO Copywriting. There is no point in writing a 1500 word article if there are no keywords you’re targeting, or which people are searching for. Your article just will not rank.

StudioHawk’s SEO Specialists find the keywords people are using, including how often they’re being searched. They watch for trends amongst users and build a content brief built around capturing those trends, and those keywords, to power your SEO.

The content team then weaves those words into your blogs so your content will begin to rank for those particular words or phrases.

We know where to best use the keywords discovered, so your content reads well and ranks even better.

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SEO Copywriting Service

The SEO Copywriting service you get from StudioHawk is more than just writing. It is research-backed, with specialists using online tools to find what real people are searching for, what words they are using.

From this, the SEO team creates a brief for you to read and approve. Then the SEO Copywriting team comes in and writes your blog for you.

Your articles will have keywords included with the words. The heading structure will be built for SEO and Google’s web crawlers. There will be internal and external links to further boost the rankability of your content.

We can do all this for you, and save you the time required to complete this task. You don’t have to take time out of your business, or your weekend, to try and write something which flows logically, tells the story, and has links and keywords and all that annoying stuff. Trust StudioHawk and their content team to deliver you strong content, every month, no worries.

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Balance Is Key: Exploring the Relationship Between Information Architecture and SEO

Optimising Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Another service provided by StudioHawk’s Content Team is all the other places on your website that needs SEO Copywriting done. Title tags to help the Google bots identify the content on your pages; meta descriptions to help people understand what your page holds, and to encourage them to click through.

It may seem easy to write a description of your website, but to nail it in under 160 characters? It’s trickier to write less.

The SEO Team researches the best words to use, the Content Team then wrangles those words into easy-to-read content.

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Data Tracking

StudioHawk has a suite of tools to track everything we do for you, to show you the positive results that our SEO strategy is having.

This includes the results from your blogs and optimising your website with SEO copywriting.

It’s silly to invest good money in our awesome services if you can’t see the results, can’t see the ROI on your hard-earned cash.

The monthly reports we give you will show the positive steps we’re taking with you for organic growth. We’ll also suggest content and articles, so you always know what’s being done to your website.

All of this will help keep your website updated with the best SEO content.

Your Next Step

The Content Team is headed up by Matthew Farmer, a writer with many years of SEO Copywriting experience, both writing and teaching it. 

He encourages you to give StudioHawk a call, and chat with one of the wonderful team here. Have a conversation about how SEO, and all the content written for you, can build your business and relieve the burden of that next blog you haven’t written!

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