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Increase in organic traffic


Increase in keyword base over eight months

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Traffic Control

Car lovers! Motor enthusiasts! WhichCar covers your professional needs with performance reviews, articles, vehicle advice, and other high-octane content. With the emergence of independent car experts curating ‘webcam in the garage’ type videos and reviews for their own websites, WhichCar noticed a dreaded pattern begin to emerge: a plateau in traffic.

The Need

WhichCar approached StudioHawk with their issue related to traffic. The need was simple and clear – a revved-up challenge! WhichCar wanted to keep its authoritative command over all things on the automobile front while other competitors were rising to thwart their traffic.

The Plan

StudioHawk quickly saw a massive opportunity with the content that WhichCar was producing. Search engines were having a difficult time noticing the content that the writing team was creating as it was expertly written from a knowledge perspective, but without the staples of SEO content writing taken into consideration. Some multiple goals were put in place: 

  • Provide an immediate increase in organic traffic within three months of starting the campaign
  • Increase organic traffic coming to the WhichCar website by 25% within 12 months
  • Increase the total keyword base of WhichCar website by 25% within 12 months
  • Improve the SEO knowledge of the WhichCar writing team – vroom!


The Execution

One of the first steps involved some education on SEO and how to use SEO tools in order to research opportunities. When it came to content, WhichCar often wrote about the latest news or developments, (think of Tesla and the large number of announcements that come from them as an example). The opportunities lay with the search intent of the potential readers they were yet to reach.

We kicked the team off with some ‘Hawk Academy’ training and tutorials in relation to search intent and SEO tools: specifically the Topic Research Tool, Keyword Overview, Keyword Magic Tool. Topic Research helped with finding topics with a high search volume, possibly those that weren’t solely industry-specific. Keyword Overview and the Keyword Magic Tool helped to find specific keywords with high search traffic, providing just the right fuel to get the content team a lap ahead!

We jumped into a site audit to catch any issues with the website itself and uncovered some errors related to internal and external linking, duplicate content, and robots.txt problems. Once these were resolved, the number of pages being crawled literally doubled! A content checklist was created in order to ensure the quality content was getting the premium SEO finish.

An extra piece of focus came down to establishing authority – creating author biographies. This helped create loyalty and trust with the readers coming to the site, while also providing search engines with a degree of authority – giving WhichCar the reputation as an industry expert. Wave the checkered flag!

The Results

WhichCar started seeing results as the strategy kicked into high gear: 

  • A 24.66% organic traffic growth within three months of starting the campaign
  • The total keyword base of WhichCar website grew by 19.6% within eight months (178,400 – 222,163 keywords)


Having smashing content is one thing, but when it comes to other websites competing in your space and industry, you’ll want it to be discoverable. This is a classic case of how SEO, (and SEO education), is crucial to staying ahead – especially if you wish to establish authority in your field. WhichCar have the goods – now they have the execution. It’s full-throttle from here on!