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It’s always a ‘soothing’ feeling to know you are an emerging presence in your field – with a painless migration and outstanding ROI.

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Zea Relief caters to Australian customers looking for ointments that can help relieve pain and arthritis – as well as those looking for essential oils and aromatherapy products to help soothe pain and promote healthy living.



The client was planning to move from zearelief.com to zea.com.au. – while also wanting to stand out in the market. It was time to ‘apply’ some SEO goodness…

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Our SEO remedy was intended as follows:

  • Increase traffic to 40,000 users YoY.
  • Increase revenue YoY
  • Achieve a top 3 ranking for ‘pain relief cream’.
  • Work on creating E.E.A.T. signals to improve the trust and keyword rankings on Google.
  • Conduct competitor research into product labels to identify the best fit association.
  • Bolster articles to support their E.E.A.T.
  • Consolidate title tags and content to represent the product lines.


We began by conducting some competitor brand research and competitor keyword research to ensure we had the correct positioning for their product. We then began to re-brand some of their products as they migrated the site, focusing on aligning it with their business goals. In the early stages of preparing the Core algorithm update for page speed, we ran through an audit to define areas of investigation for the web developers during site building. After the migration took place successfully, we began reviewing and improving structure data for the new site.

Knowing that Google E.E.A.T. was a must, we began building author pages and signals to establish each element and realigned our SEO focus on the business of pain relief creams. As a result, some of our articles became featured snippets, like our Australian native essential oils article:

Zea 1


  • ROI in SEO: 2,429%
  • Increase in organic users: 68.52%


We have been able to achieve a significant organic presence for this campaign, as well as media attention. From the 2021 pandemic moving through to 2022, Zea Relief has become a highly recognised leader in pain relief products!

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