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Case Studies

BDO Furniture.

BDO Furniture are one of Australia’s largest online furniture & office supplies stores. They have been manufacturing office furniture and supplying the Australian market for over 20 years. With some of the highest quality products available with unique features like Ultra-Fast delivery and affordable pricing, BDO Furniture are quickly becoming a household name.

They wanted to leverage the authority that Digital PR can gain to help boost their ongoing SEO campaign.

Using DPR to Boost Organic Performance.

DR 90

Highest link DR obtained.


Links obtained with 1 campaign.

DR 61

Average link DR.

Coverage Secured



BDO Furniture knew of Digital PR and wanted to boost their site’s authority even further with high DR links from well-known publications. They also wanted to gain some ‘As Seen On’ links to showcase on the site’s home page to better showcase their credibility in the industry. 

enterprise seo at work


  • Strong focus on reactive opportunities to gain a diverse range of publications.
  • Utilise additional experts in niche sectors like Feng Shui to give a unique spin on our ideas.
  • Gain ‘as seen on’ links from a combination of global publications, specifically targeting high authority & relevant publications.
  • Combine our reactive / HARO opportunities with a data-led campaign to widen our audience further.




In order to execute our plan, we needed to follow the step by step process of ideation, story, media list building, and outreach. 



  • We had previously seen a lot of success using external experts in different niches and wanted to use a similar technique with BDO. Feng Shui is a popular technique that has lots of trending hashtags and is spoken about regularly online, particularly around the start of the year during Spring Cleaning season – this was the ideal tie in to office furniture organisation.
  • Regularly reviewing HARO and other journalist request platforms allowed us to pinpoint opportunities that fit perfectly to position BDO as an expert.Some of these included office furniture for under $200 and how to choose the right ergonomic chair.
  • We also wanted to supplement our campaign with a big data led piece and found some existing content on the BDO website targeting universities. This was a new audience that we had not yet tapped into, that held some exciting potential.
B2C Furniture

Data Collection.

For our data-led piece, we used a manual approach to identify the most picturesque universities in Australia. 

To do this, we went to to the depths of Instagram using hashtags like #universityof__ to see which Australian campus reigned victorious based on post engagement such as likes and comments. This allowed us to see a vast range of campuses and imagery, giving a true balanced approach to our manual data collection.

For our reactive Feng Shui piece, we got in touch with an expert that we had already built a relationship with and put together a series of questions for them to answer. This allowed us to gain an in-depth answer to provide journalists with as much detail as they needed for their stories.

Press release.

We crafted a series of tailored press releases across different niches including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • National
  • Regional
  • Trends
  • Home
  • Business
  • Education

This allowed us to better understand which journalists we could pinpoint and to ensure that our press releases were specifically tailored to the content that they were writing about.

Casual group shot-min

media list building & outreach.

The media list is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break a successful digital PR campaign.

We utilised a series of existing relationships, and used our database, to reach out to new journalists in the industry that may be interested in this topic.

We built our media lists across multiple global and national publications and sent out personalised campaign sends for each.

This enabled us to secure high-authority press coverage that linked back to the client.

seo meeting


  • DR 90 – Highest link DR gained.
  • 12 – Digital PR links acquired from one campaign. 
  • DR 61 – Average link DR score.
  • Coverage SecuredTimeOut, The Sun UK, Toms Guide, The Sun US, and more!


By combining a range of Digital PR techniques to identify the type of data and stories that journalists would most resonate with allowed us to gain coverage in huge global publications.

While the client is based in Australia, and we secured significant Australian coverage, we were also able to enhance their brand exposure and gain links that supported their SEO campaign from publications across the globe.

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