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KIS Academics.

An explosion of growth from a truly supportive SEO campaign. See how it can be done!

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Increase in organic users YoY!


Increase in keyword base YoY!


Increase in page 1 keywords!

Search Intent Research

KIS Academics is designed to help high school students, particularly those in their final years of study, to look for extra support and tutoring across their subjects. It is also the place to go for parents looking for tutors for their children.



Their mission was to create a high quality tutoring service with exceptional tutors to support school students. What began as a smaller enterprise quickly grew into a much bigger business. StudioHawk were sought out to specifically grow the reach and keyword database – with a particular focus on growing organic users and acquisition.

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Quite simply we intended to:

  • Increase organic traffic users by 100% YoY.
  • Grow rankings for industry specific keywords and service offerings – including ‘high school tutors’, ‘ATAR tutors’, and ‘in-person tutoring’.
  • Grow the total keyword base by 50% and increase first page keywords by 20% YoY.
  • Gain market share within the tutoring industry.
  • Successfully rank blogs and landing pages through education and training with KIS Academics.
  • Merge https://blog.kisacademics.com to https://kisacademics.com/blog 
  • Create subject specific landing pages to target users who are searching for tutors specialising in a specific high school or VCE subject. 
  • Create state specific landing pages in order to target users who are looking for specific tutors located in their region.
  • Create landing pages to target VCE, HSC, SACE, WACE & QCE.


One of the most powerful parts of the KIS Academics brand was their commitment to education and the wealth of knowledge in this field. When reviewing the domain, we found a gold mine of meaningful content nestled on a subdomain – separate from the root domain. This was an amazing opportunity for us as we immediately worked toward merging the blog to leverage the benefits of the informational content, driving more traffic and keywords to the root domain. We reassured the team that, when done correctly, this task provides the opportunity to transform the website. In order to support the team through this process and ensure this was a success, we first identified the key pages that needed to be redirected while completing the process of mapping out all the existing URLs with the new ones. Following this, we helped guide the KIS team through migrating the sub domain into the root domain.

The results of this merge took effect in little time with month on month results speaking volumes. When comparing November and December results, (the period of time when this was actioned), organic users increased by a massive 73.80%. The website’s keywords also had a huge increase of 142% for the total amount of keywords, and 237% on the first page of Google.

Climbing The Ranks

With the success of the merge in full swing, we leveraged this momentum in order to continue growing the website’s organic traffic and keywords. The focal point of the strategy was content. We wanted to reach more people by targeting them based on what they specifically needed a tutor for. 

We created a strategy to specifically target different states, subjects, and school year levels. This ultimately allowed KIS Academics to tap into specific keywords that targeted these subcategories. For example, what was just one ‘private tutor’ page grew into many detailed landing pages discussing individual tutoring services and how they can be helpful for students.

The implementation of these landing pages allowed KIS to continue growing at a rapid pace. Month on month traffic and keywords continued on an uphill trend!



  • 1,937% increase in organic users YoY!
  • 735% increase in keyword base YoY!
  • 527% increase in page 1 keywords!


It has been an honour working with the KIS Academics team to increase the power of their SEO. As a direct result, they have shared their ability to grow as a business by hiring more team members and developers. We are thrilled by the success of this campaign so far and look forward to continuing elevating the website’s organic performance.

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