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Lifespan Fitness.

Lifespan Fitness offer industry leading fitness equipment designed for Aussies. They offer a wide range of gym and sports equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, gym stations, and more.

While they’re a leading brand in Australia, they wanted to further diversify their link acquisition efforts to complement their SEO campaign.

Using DPR to Stay Fit & Healthy.

DR 90

Highest link DR obtained.


Links obtained with 1 campaign.

DR 65

Average link DR.

Coverage Secured

Nine news, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Daily Telegraph, and more



To help Lifespan Fitness diversify their link profile and give their campaign a boost, we offered a Digital PR campaign aimed at obtaining high-authority links targeted from various publications. 

This was to support their existing SEO efforts, as well as to educate the client on Digital PR as a whole to give them more opportunities for marketing efforts in the future.

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  • Combine a series of reactive, data-led, and expert commentary ideation that had the potential to drive authority to the site.
  • Gain links from a combination of global publications, specifically targeting high authority & relevant publications.
  • Use innovative data sources like TikTok, alongside search volume data, to create a campaign that’s irresistible to journalists.
  • Include a combination of branded and inner page links to maximise SEO value.




In order to execute our plan, we needed to follow the step by step process of ideation, story, media list building, and outreach. 



  • We had observed that fitness trends were a big hit on TikTok, so we knew exactly where to go for some of the most interesting data. 
  • We wanted to ensure that we had a good chance of getting as much data as possible, so the team dove into the depths of TikTok to uncover the top fitness trends that had emerged from the social media platform over the last year.
  • These included trends like: ‘cosy cardio’, ’75 day hard challenge’, ‘5 minute Stairmaster’, and ‘shy girl workouts’.
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Data Collection.

Once we had the list of trends, we investigated the total combined views for each one and determined the overall trendiest fitness workouts on the platform by far.

By using the keyword search volume tool on Semrush, we took things a step further.

We analysed the global monthly search volume for each trend by inserting the fitness keywords and all of their variations, (such as ‘cozy cardio,’ ‘cozy cardio workout,’ ‘cosy cardio trend’), in order to collect the overall total searches for each fitness trend. 

To finalise the data, we ranked the fitness trends from the highest global monthly search volume to the lowest. This gave us the top 10 most searched for TikTok fitness trends, crowning ‘Cosy Cardio’ as the most popular, followed by the ‘75 hard challenge’ in second, and the ‘Under-Desk Treadmill’ as third. 

Press release.

We crafted a series of tailored press releases across different niches including:

  • Fitness & Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Regional
  • National
  • Global
  • Trends
  • Technology

This allowed us to better understand which journalists we could pinpoint and to ensure that our press releases were specifically tailored to the content that they were writing about.

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media list building & outreach.

The media list is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break a successful digital PR campaign.

We utilised a series of existing relationships, and used our database, to reach out to new journalists in the industry that may be interested in this topic.

We built our media lists across multiple global and national publications and sent out personalised campaign sends for each.

This enabled us to secure high-authority press coverage that linked back to the client.

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  • DR 90 – Highest link DR gained.
  • 14 – Digital PR links acquired from one campaign. 
  • DR 65 – Average link DR score.
  • Coverage SecuredNine news, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Daily Telegraph, and more.  


By combining a range of Digital PR techniques to identify the type of data and stories that journalists would most resonate with allowed us to gain coverage in huge global publications.

While the client is based in Australia, and we secured significant Australian coverage, we were also able to enhance their brand exposure and gain links that supported their SEO campaign from publications across the globe.

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