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The Hairy Pill.

Combating hair loss while also thriving on the SERPs. See how an over 2000% ROI could be possible!

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Whopping return on investment in SEO!


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The Hairy Pill noticed that the hair loss industry was full of unnecessary complexities aimed to confound and confuse. Their approach is to simplify the industry and their patient’s treatment, one pill at a time.



A huge opportunity existed for targeting big-ticket keywords. Previously, The Hairy Pill relied heavily on brand awareness and PR. While this was providing some moderate success, we knew there was bigger potential waiting for them in the male & female hair loss and growth market. Time for the SEO success to sprout!

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From the roots to the tips we aimed to:

  • Increase organic traffic users 3700-4500 YoY.
  • Grow the keyword profile from 800 to 1200 YoY.
  • Improve revenue coming through on the website by 31500-40000 YoY.
  • Improve SERP rankings for high volume product-specific keywords – ‘Men’s Hair Loss’ & ‘Women’s Hair Loss’. 
  • Increase the ‘top 3’ page keywords by 10-40 YoY.
  • Increase rankings for keyword variations, ( such as hair loss & hair growth).

The strategy going in included: 

  • Updating and creating service pages that communicate insightful information along the entire customer journey.
  • Broadening the search intent of the website – targeting ‘hair loss’ and ‘hair growth’ while weaving in SEO content for both.
  • Positioning The Hairy Pill with strong information on both ends of the search intent.
  • Employing effective Google E.E.A.T. strategies to associate all of the site information with Dr. Rodney Sinclair, raising the trustworthiness of The Hairy Pill.
  • Increasing authority in the hair loss industry through the eyes of Google.
  • Producing quality SEO blog content to target niche long-tail keywords.
  • Using blogs to increase user engagement on main landing pages.
  • Supporting Digital PR through SEO.


Being new to the market, The Hairy Pill came across the expected hurdle of competing with other hair loss medications with a lack of customer base at the time. To begin, we broadened the search intent from just ‘medications’ to ‘pills’, ‘treatments’, and went from there. We followed this by updating the individual landing pages for men’s and women’s hair loss, incorporating new keyword targets that covered both hair loss and growth. This was combined with a curated link-building strategy.

The placement of the landing pages was vital for SEO success by being directly linked to the top menu structure. This prioritises them for both search engine crawlers and users alike. To give these pages a kick start, StudioHawk created blog templates that included substantial amounts of contextual internal linking, through anchor text, that targeted these terms and pages. With The Hairy Pill operating in the medical field, it was clear to StudioHawk that we needed an effective E.E.A.T. strategy to affect YMYL awareness, (Your Money or Your Life). Luckily, The Hairy Pill had a strong authority figure in Dr. Rodney Sinclair. He not only had completed all the research for the product, but he was also willing to be included in the SEO campaign to address trust and authority. Hoorah!

While The Hairy Pill had a dedicated staff page, it didn’t include information about qualifications or references to the claims being made about the products. It also didn’t feature any external links to prove the identity or qualifications of the staff, nor did it have the correct content structure. We created Google E.E.A.T. templates and guidelines for the client to demonstrate the content requirements that were needed for uploading to the site. This included updating ‘The Doctor’ page with relevant qualifications, citations, information, and external links to connect Rodney Sinclair with the site and product. All blogs were adjusted to link internally to Rodney Sinclair’s profile, authenticating the content and allowing search engines to link medical claims to an individual.

In the following weeks, after these changes were made, we saw a substantial uptick in traffic and rankings across all product and informative landing pages. This also increased the exposure of all blogs on the site, giving new life to older articles that were previously not hitting their potential.

Restyling the site! 

A large portion of the informative content was collected on a support support subdomain which ranked for key long-tailed queries searched by users. The majority of this content was heavily competing with the main domain and reducing the ability for The Hairy Pill to rank effectively for long tail keywords, (which had a large search volume in this industry). To counter this issue, we developed a 301 redirection plan. The purpose of this redirection plan was to relocate all FAQ queries to the main domain, and ensure that all rankings and authority are passed through to relevant pages to minimise any potential losses. The website continues to perform amazingly well, with exponential ‘growth’ across all key organic metrics, traffic, revenue, and keyword bases. Kablam!

No keyword profile Split Ends!

One issue that The Hairy Pill faced at the beginning of the campaign was the narrow targeting of service-based keywords. This was evident through the contrast of their successful rankings for “hair loss pill” compared to variations on this term such as “hair loss tablets, treatment, supplements & medication”. To re-target these terms, StudioHawk conducted extensive keyword research into the high search volume alternative terms. These new terms were then used to create SEO-friendly, optimised content for the main landing pages. With this implemented, we immediately saw a substantial increase in the keyword profile. This was most evident with the top 3 keywords — growing from 7 in November 2021 to 111 in August 2022.

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  • 2,766% hair-raisingly whopping return on investment in SEO!
  • 113% YoY increase in users!
  • 64% increase in the overall keyword base.
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Keyword Profile: Men’s Hair Loss & Average Keyword Position.



The internet is full of competition for those wanting attention in their field. With the right content, keyword research, and website structure, The Hairy Pill are now way more than contenders – they’re taking care of what’s on top!

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