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The Entourage.

Taking an already thriving business coaching program and giving it an absolutely deserved online presence!

Great SEO is All The EntouRAGE!


Leads via the organic channel!


Increase in organic users to primary landing pages


Pages ranking in the top three search results!

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The Entourage is an entrepreneurial community that provides coaching and training for entrepreneurs to scale their business to the next level. Seeing an opportunity to grow, coach, and empower entrepreneurs that traditional education systems lacked at heart, The Entourage was formed with a vision to capture this gap in the training market. Since 2010, they have been delivering upon the promise of inspiring and coaching the brilliant business-minded leaders around the world.



When The Entourage had engaged with StudioHawk, they already had a very strong reputation that was well known for their business coaching programs. Bravo! The big opportunity before them lay in their digital presence, which was not as strong at the time. The big bold aim of our SEO campaign was to build a solid online presence and organically rank for “business coaching” related keywords. Sleeves were rolled up, sunglasses were worn inside, and top-notch SEO strategies were unleashed – Hollywood-style!

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We put a strong focus on writing high-quality blog content each month to build upon The Entourage’s expertise in business growth. Content is always a key aspect, and search engines love high-quality – the search results tend to speak for themselves. Next, we built dedicated landing pages that targeted variations of keywords that The Entourage was aiming to rank for. To cover the bases, we aimed to acquire high-quality and relevant backlinks that point towards the new landing pages to boost that authority!

Our big shiny plan? Our goal? Our box office smash? 15% in organic growth quarter vs. quarter to the new landing pages. Let’s rock!


We were required to conduct extensive keyword research so that the primary keywords we targeted were drawing in high-quality users – the kind of peeps that would want to convert.

There are several other business coaches that dominated the SERP. Our challenge was to understand what style of content we could produce that would fulfill the search intent and result in a higher rank. The ideal client for The Entourage is very niche – we had to write content that appealed specifically to this niche clientele.


We saw a great improvement in business coaching pages, the overall website, and the discoverability and quality of The Entourage Blog. Want to see some proof?

  • Business Coaching Pages: With strategic internal linking plus backlinks leading towards the new pages, the business coaching pages began ranking really well within the first two months:

  • The Overall Website: Here are some numbers we love. We had an 86% increase in organic traffic and a 155% increase in pages ranking in the top three results!

  • Blog Pages: Keeping up the high numbers, we saw an 81% increase in the keyword base for blogs! Have a look at these results for yourself:


When a platform or programme is built for success, it needs a good reputation – and to be found in all manner of methods. With our digital landscape increasing in popularity, especially in fulfilling search intent as online technology evolves, a healthy SEO approach and strategy makes sure that great innovations head to the top of the search results. The Entourage certainly know!

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“The team at StudioHawk have helped us quickly and easily get to page one of Google for multiple business-related search terms – that have directly affected our monthly sales on a channel we’ve never been able to grow ourselves. They’re not only highly skilled experts, but also incredible people to work with.”

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