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Doing business online is great. The world is your oyster. Or it could be. If you want customers from around the world, you need some international SEO strategies that will find your audience no matter where they are in the world.

International SEO is more than just using UK English and US English on mirrored websites. A good strategy has you identifying target audiences and their nuances, relating to their cultures and speaking their language. And by that, we mean more than a Google translation of your website.

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There is a difference between having your website online and available to an international audience and specifically targeting people in other countries with your SEO.

The first instance is excellent if you pick up some international customers. Not so good if your website isn’t able to process international orders and send them out, however. 

The second instance has more foresight and requires a strategy not only to do business with international clients but also to attract them with international SEO strategies. If your business can scale up to the potential of an international audience, the potential customer base is massive.

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What’s Included in International SEO Strategies

Some things you will need to consider when launching an international SEO strategy can include:

  • Are you targeting specific countries or the whole world?
  • Do you have your website in different languages? Don’t use machine translation. Have a native speaker and writer of the language rework the copy on your website.
  • Tailor the web copy to that country. DOn’t just have a copy and paste and translated version of your English language website.
  • How many domains for different countries will you need?
  • Have an hreflang tag on your website to tell Google what languages you have available.
  • What content would your audiences in other countries be interested in?

Having an international SEO strategy is almost like having two websites and two businesses. While the branding, colours, products, and services will all be similar, you will need to produce content that appeals to your international customer base, written in a way they understand

Using SEO to Draw In New Customers

SEO strategies that work for you locally can work internationally, but with a twist, of course. You want to understand the search intent for the users in the country you’re targeting. Are they looking for solutions, or are they looking to buy? How does your content service their intent, and is it different from country to country?

When linking or looking for backlinks, try to link to local sites in that particular country. Not only does this give an international user a good customer experience, but Google will also rank your site with such links based on contextually. 

Why choose Studiohawk?

StudioHawk is a globally recognised SEO agency, winning Best Large SEO Agency at the Global Search Awards and the APAC awards in 2022. As well as having a studio in Melbourne, we have a studio in London, so physically, we’re already an international SEO agency.

SEO is all we do, so when you want to expand into another country, we take the SEO learnings we have here and take them across the seas. We don’t try and work social media in another country or other kinds of marketing. We’re just solid, accountable SEO.

Another great thing about having StudioHawk as your International SEO Agency is the people you speak to on the phone are the experts who do the SEO for you. There’s no sales team or marketing team spinning tales of what could be. Just straight-up conversations with SEO experts. Plus, we don’t do lock-in contracts. If the SEO is not working for you, you can leave us, switch up the spend, alter the package, whatever works for you.

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