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Establishing a need and an authority in the market. Powering ahead with multiple SEO wins. Teaching the SEO know-how and purpose behind each change. Balancing the dreaded site migration. Read on to see how StudioHawk tags in where other agencies may ‘tap out’!

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Tapt has a strong approach when it comes to networking and business needs by offering the efficiency, (and style), of trendy, customisable digital business cards. One simple tap instantly shares all of a business’s contact information without the requirement of an app – a much more convenient approach and brand recognition than the chore of ordering 1000+ cards that will just get discarded within a week.



The objective was to define Tapt as THE digital business card that customers were able to buy. All of the previous messaging was purely ‘Tapt’ centric and the metadata reflected this. Australia showed it had an emerging market for digital business cards, so the goal was to be ahead of the curve while getting the client excited about all of the wonderful facets of SEO!

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We came up with an extensive list of tasks with a few that came to light as the campaign progressed:

  • To make SEO an exciting experience for the client with no prior knowledge.
  • Becoming a pillar for all things digital & SEO.
  • Aligning the business tone of voice within SEO content.
  • Devise a backlink strategy across branded & non-branded search terms.
  • Provide SEO considerations for new site incorporations & web devs.
  • Showing the importance of SEO & providing an accurate depiction of events.
  • Keyword research, mapping, & intent training.
  • Addressing metadata to promote some non-branded keyword growth.
  • Walking through Google analytics with the client.
  • Establishing educational touch-points for content writing.
  • Fixing technical SEO issues, such as broken links, schema issues, and title tag requirements.
  • Visually illustrating and addressing Cross-Domain Tracking.
  • And, as did happen down the line, leading the efforts of a migration recovery through quick action & strong communication.


The first step of the campaign was conducting some basic SEO to align Tapt as THE digital business card to buy. This was a crucial step to make every variational keyword for ‘digital business card’ rank for the home page. At the beginning of the campaign, Tapt was currently only ranking for branded terms.

The second month threw a circumstantial wrinkle into the plans as the marketing manager left the company. This led to the owner having to pick up their work without knowing what had been initiated and communicated. It swung to StudioHawk to become the outside counsel and support. Throughout the following months, we made the dedicated approach of going to the owner & providing him with that ‘one on one’ experience of getting him excited about SEO.

As an e-commerce business, we needed to realign the product schema due to there being multiple installments. We also had the opportunity to review the design for the staging site and provide SEO feedback on elements we were looking to add.

At one point, in a monthly meeting, we decided this would be an excellent occasion to show the owner the ins and outs of Google Analytics. It was incredible that we were the first people that had ever taken the time to do that with him. As a site migration was on the horizon and there was help needed on the SEO content front, we were told not to worry about the rest as their other agency would be working on it.  With a couple of back-and-forth conversations, we were able to get a strong blend of branded and SEO-influenced copy for the converted home page.

Then, a few months down the track, a worst-case scenario arose: The application of the migration without notification. Thankfully, as we regularly checked the site, we caught what had happened and quickly called the client to hear that they migrated the site the previous day. We acted fast and provided a set of priorities as they moved to a custom CMS. We noticed that the build was also rushed with a lot of missing essentials. It was fortunate that we had previously crawled the site before the migration. The objective was to keep the client calm and focused – the communication back and forth was key to getting everything back on track.

Now with the new setup under a custom CMS and subdomains, all revenue appeared to be going through ‘referral’. From here we set out to do cross-domain tracking and began content generation for SEO articles. We began with ‘designing a business card’ to sample the growth of this space.  When we sent it to their copywriter, we provided additional training, consultation, and feedback to make it the best darn article possible! From here, the results continued to trickle in…


  • Campaign ROI (From January 2022 – August 2022) – 608.35%
  • 113%+ increase in monthly organic traffic!
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  • Migration Recovery Results:

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  • Digital Business Card Queries:



We enjoy showing our craft and the nature behind each decision we wish to implement. Every business can have hurdles that can arise, (including marketing managers leaving), and often we will come in to assist, cover unknown ground, and educate clients on how SEO can make a business strive and tippity-tap their way to getting discovered!

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