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Eynesbury Estate.

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Achieving Some ‘Real’ Estate Results!


YoY increase in organic users!


Increase in the keyword base!


Increase in the top 3 keyword base!

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With a community of over 3000 residents, Eynesbury Estate is a spectacular place to live for those looking to rent or buy.



The call out to StudioHawk was to improve the estate’s website to drive more users to discover both the land options and wonderful experiences that the estate has to offerAfter Resimax Group took over ownership of the estate in 2019, it was their mission to re-establish a trusting community spirit for both residents and those visiting the destination. In order to better communicate the hidden gems that Eynesbury has to offer, it was imperative to build a strategy that focused on content to communicate this messaging. 

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Building from the ground up we intended to:

  • Increase organic traffic users by 500 users YoY.
  • Grow total keyword database by 500 and increase first page keywords by to 60 YoY.
  • Create rich and informative blog content as a strategy to reach a wider audience.
  • Gain market share within the housing development industry.
  • Implement key information on the website’s landing pages, including FAQs, to draw in more users searching for house and land options.
  • Begin writing blogs to showcase Eynesbury’s authority and knowledge within the real estate industry.  
  • Leverage festive events as a method to draw more people to the estate.


The website had a base foundation featuring relevant landing pages for land and houses. However, these pages were not ranking for the keywords that Eynesbury’s marketing team were hoping for. Many of the top-ranking keywords were irrelevant or not as meaningful as they could be, limiting these pages from reaching the desired target audience. We immediately pinpointed this opportunity to centre a strategy around creating content targeting keywords such as ‘land for sale’ and ‘real estate’ to target the right audience with this search intent.

From here, we also began to create SEO blogs to further establish Eynesbury Estate’s authority and targeted industry-specific keywords centred around houses and land. We knew that it was imperative for there to be a focus on creating long-form evergreen content to always have fresh and relevant content on the website.

Seasonal Success!

With great traction from both the main landing pages and the blog, there was still one part of the goal that needed to be ticked off. We wanted to draw more people into Eynesbury through amenities and events to discover the destination and enjoy its many perks. With Eynesbury Estate’s seasonal events looming, a great opportunity existed to target people from all over Melbourne and drive them to the estate. Eynesbury had plans for both a Summer Festival (November-March) and Winter festival (June-July). Our role was to ensure that these landing pages were filled with content to target keywords that described the main features of the events and thus drove organic traffic to these pages.

Eynesbury 1


  • 80.82 increase YoY in organic users.
  • Keyword base had an 213% increase from August 2021 to August 2022.
  • Keywords in the top 3 had 113% increase from August 2021 to August 2022.
  • Successful launch of monthly SEO-friendly blogs to grow the keyword base.


Blogs and correctly targeted keywords can really add that boost to the rankings. With a destination such as Eynesbury Estate, discovery is everything. Here’s to letting the high-end SEO do the hard yards!

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