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Case Studies

Police Check Express.

From broken links to page one on the SERP! A quick look at the glory of Police Check Express.

Calling in Some SEO Backup.

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Increase in business conversions!

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Increase in organic visits, year on year.

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Increase in keywords ranked in 12 months!

Harness Your Data


In December 2018, we onboarded Police Check Express (PCE), and at the time, it looked like just a normal campaign. However, unlike most of our new clients, PCE was starkly aware of how much SEO mattered in terms of keeping a competitive edge in their marketplace.


The plan was simple: obtain more individual leads and business leads. The first thing that needed to happen was getting the website in order. Our SEO specialists got to work to:

  • Undo mismanagement and miseducation from a previous SEO agency, (a common occurrence).
  • Resolve redirection plugin issues and configuration errors.
  • Match onsite content with search intent, relevant blog posts, and more.
Onsite SEO


After a failed website plugin caused havoc on their website, we sat down with the client and installed a new 301 redirect plugin – which boosted sales while traffic and visibility were down. This error, while annoying, refocused our efforts toward their business audience and a multifaceted backlink acquisition campaign in April of 2019.

PCE’s traffic continues to grow aggressively and remains one of our standout campaigns – especially considering where we started. We went from broken links to page one on the SERP! Fire up the siren!


I have been working closely with StudioHawk for the past few months, and the results have been amazing! Without their guidance and support, I would’ve undoubtedly been unable to obtain first page rankings for the keywords ‘tutor’, ‘tutors’ and ‘tutoring’ – all of which are ultra-competitive keywords. Thanks, guys!

Dmitri Dalla-Riva


Our organisation has worked with StudioHawk for the past six months. We have seen our online presence and conversions go from strength-to-strength as a direct result of their guidance, knowledge, and industry relationships. They’re organised, professional, and deliver to a very high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Frances Hutchinson