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We find organic search opportunities that others miss, by specialising in just SEO

Hi, we’re Studiohawk, your award-winning SEO Specialists. We’re dedicated to giving you superior search engine optimisation, bringing more website traffic to your online business, which leads to new customers and profit growth.

We were named SEMRush’s 2019 Agency of the Year and 2019 Optus Media Marketing and Advertising Business of the year and for good reason. We have happy clients whom we have managed and given them 300% return on investment. 

We will work with you, every step of the way to:

  • Create a tailored SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with your business
  • Build your website’s reputation using a range of tools, like content and backlinks
  • Demystify search engine optimisation (SEO) so you understand our incredible results

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Journey with Us

Let’s get you on the path to true SEO success

Many digital agencies claim to ‘know SEO’ – but our cast of experts live and breathe it, it’s not just one of our service offerings, it IS our service offering. If you want to be found online, it takes more than just the basics of SEO (even though that’s a great place to start). We optimise websites for technical SEO, pioneered the DIRT-y SEO technique, and we’re the Casanova of backlinking. Soaring to new heights (aka improving positions, traffic, and conversions) is easier when we’re part of your team.


Try our transparent SEO services

Have you ever asked- why do I need SEO? The quick answer is – SEO makes your website more visible online to searches into popular search engines. 

And this is what StudioHawk produces and executes for you.

We help you with rankings by optimising your website and boost its SEO profile you will land on the first page of Google search results, strong search results rankings directly link to more web traffic to your website, which will lead to more conversions by encouraging people to move from browsing to buy. We help convert those web visits to happy customers.

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Local SEO

For any brick-and-mortar store or service-based business in a localised area (like a tradie) – we create targeted local SEO strategies to boost your visibility online.

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Link Acquisition

Looking to boost your search ranking? Link acquisition (aka link building) is a process of getting quality, reputable inbound links for your website. We’ve mastered it and you’re going to benefit big time.

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Enterprise SEO

Larger organisations typically have massive websites. We’re not afraid to tackle a big puzzle. In fact, we’re built for it. Just ask the Good Guys or Officeworks. We’re ready, willing and able to take on the biggest enterprise SEO goals.

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SEO doesn’t need to be complex. Our monthly analytics reports are simple and we’ll walk you through it to ensure you have a strong understanding of SEO, and understand the results of each month’s planned, then completed activities.

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SEO Speaking & Training

Whether you’re a business owner, creative freelancer or part of a large corporate team, we can get you up-to-speed with the latest SEO tools and strategies in no time.

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Search Intent Research

We believe a good SEO journey begins with targeted keyword research, but there’s much more to it than that. It’s vital to also understand the 4 types of search intent – informational, navigational, transactional and commercial investigation – to get your website in front of the right people at the right time.

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Technical SEO Audits

If you’re sick of your website ranking low on Google SERP, a technical SEO audit can shed some light on how to move forward. We can help you kick your SEO bad habits, identify what’s holding you back and create a strategy to skyrocket to page one.

how it works

The step-by-step journey with StudioHawk

Once you’ve decided you want specialist SEO help to grow your business, how do we work together?

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Step 1: Get in touch with us

You can phone us or send us an email, and we’ll have a conversation. 

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Step 2: Technical SEO audit

We will look at your website and your online business and tell you how well you’re going with your current SEO. We won’t bombazzle you with technical jargon. Just real English that you can understand.

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Step 3: Meeting & brainstorming

This is where we come up with ideas and strategies to help your business. We’ll include you in this step. If you have some great ideas, we want to hear them.  

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Step 4: SEO strategy & implementation

This is where we hit the GO button and execute the plans we’ve come up with and watch you soar.

We’re proud to work with people from diverse backgrounds, across any industry. We strongly believe the digital environment has opportunities for everyone and we strive to make these strategies available to all. To learn more about SEO and what it can do for your business, give us a call.

get on board

Why Choose Us? Our Unique Difference

We can show you our awards, our clients, and all the great results we give you. And we will, but there are other reasons to choose StudioHawk.

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Simple Pricing

We feel this is important for you to understand. No hidden costs and charges, no nasty surprises. You know how much to pay, in advance. This helps with your budget and will show your ROI.

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We give you a monthly report showing what we have done for you and the positive results of the SEO you’ve invested in.

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All work is done in Melbourne, Australia. We do not outsource the work overseas.

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With fixed pricing and monthly reporting, we are accountable to you. You know what you’re spending and what you’re getting for your money, each month.

delivering results

Our Campaign Process

There are over 3.5 billion searches performed each day, and the search engine results for each query are determined by an algorithm. The algorithm determines the best results for each query, and SEO enhances your website to better fit the requirements of the algorithm. The more optimised the website, the higher it will rank in the search results. This is important, because users are more likely to click on the higher results, with 43% generally clicking on the first result, 20% on the second, and 13% on the third, down to just *gasp* 1% shared on the second page of Google.

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With an optimised website, rankings are projected to improve. Our goal is to see your site on Google’s first page for all your targeted keywords so you can capture and convert targeted traffic into customers.

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Targeted Traffic

SEO is about gaining not just any traffic, but the right kind of traffic. Part of this is choosing the right keywords to ensure that when users do land on your website, they have the purchase intent, giving you optimal chances at converting.

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A conversion happens when a visitor to a website performs an action that helps you achieve a goal. Obviously, the more visitors a site has, the more opportunities it has to convert. Traffic from organic search is proven to be the easiest to convert compared to other traffic referral channels.

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Tested Keywords

Your business is constantly changing, so the keywords that will work for your goals will change as well. Our keywords recommendations aren’t based on guesswork; we test a number of keywords and let the data speak for itself. We call this search intent analysis.

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Optimisations By Experts, Not Robots

The professionals at StudioHawk are SEO experts. The scope of our knowledge covers all aspects of SEO, including technical features, offsite credibility and backlinks, and ensuring a positive user experience. All of this is included, with no ‘gotchas’.

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Monthly Meetings & Education

SEO doesn’t need to be complex. We run through all our monthly reports with you to ensure you have a strong understanding of SEO, and understand the results of the month’s activities completed and planned. We are also big on education, with our dedicated learning centre, Hawk Academy, and hosting the Melbourne SEO meetup.

Our clients get results because we don’t get on board unless we know we’ll ace it. To learn more about SEO and what it can do for your business, give us a call.

Our Clients

Some of our amazing clients

Join some of Australia’s biggest brands like New Balance, Mecca and other leading Australian brands, and the amazing small businesses that we work with to make a difference. Take the guesswork out of being seen online.

Case Studies


I have been working closely with StudioHawk for the past few months, and the results have been amazing! Without their guidance and support, I would’ve undoubtedly been unable to obtain first page rankings for the keywords ‘tutor’, ‘tutors’ and ‘tutoring’ – all of which are ultra-competitive keywords. Thanks, guys!

Dmitri Dalla-Riva


Our organisation has worked with StudioHawk for the past six months. We have seen our online presence and conversions go from strength-to-strength as a direct result of their guidance, knowledge, and industry relationships. They’re organised, professional, and deliver to a very high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Frances Hutchinson

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we’ve got the answers

Got A Question? Check Out Our SEO FAQs

We’ve answered commonly asked questions clients have. If you have a question that we haven’t listed, ask away!

How long does it take to get ranking?

You’ll start to see improvements in your ranking within the first couple of months. That doesn’t mean page 1 of SERP, but you will begin your climb soon.

To be honest, this is a loaded question. People want to know how long until I hit rank #1. The answer is usually around 6 months, but this is not totally accurate. We can get you onto page one of SERP in 6 months, but ranking #1 might be longer.

Many factors determine 1st place, including what your competitors are doing. Focus more in good rankings on page #1, which we’ll get you.

How to choose the right SEO agency?

One of the reasons StudioHawk is so popular is because its founder, Harry, wanted to do SEO different to what he had seen in the market place. Crazy monthly fees, lock-in contracts, no communication with the SEO agency for months on end, so you don’t know if the money you’re spending is working.

You want an SEO agency with no lock in fees. If you think what we’re doing isn’t working, you can leave.

You want an SEO agency who speaks to you whenever you need, and presents monthly reporting to you.

You want an SEO agency with a proven history of success, and some pretty big industry awards thrown in there too.

Is SEO a short term or long term strategy?

The short answer- long term strategy.

The longer answer- good SEO work involves many facets which build in effectiveness over time. Backlink strategies, content strategies, competitor analysis, and more.

These strategies can change over time with market trends, customer search intents and more. Your competitors could change up their strategies, you may want to target different keywords or long tail keywords. You may want to increase content for your website.

Suffice to say, it is a long term strategy which has even longer term benefits for your business.

What are backlinks and how important are they?

A backlink is when another website links back to your website. It is a digital referral.

Backlinks can be great for helping you rank and increase your Page Authority (PA), or they could be rubbish links which Google could penalise you for.

In the early days of the internet Google would judge based on the number of links leading to your site, so there were ‘link farms’ where you could buy thousands of backlinks.

Now it is about quality, not quantity. A backlink will give you ‘link juice’, where a site gives you some of their PA to help you rank.

For more details on backlinks and their benefits, check out our blog post here.

How important is content in an SEO strategy?

It could be argued that content is the most important factor in an SEO strategy. While backlinks are important, content is something which you can have significant control over.

You can choose how many blogs you post per month, how long they are and what keywords you want to include.

You can decide how much copy you have for product pages and category pages.

And the best thing about this content is- it will always be on your website, doing its magical SEO thing, for as long as it is live and online.

Not sure how to get going with SEO content? Read our blog post on how you can improve your blog content with an SEO copywriter.

What to look for in a SEO agency?

We think one of the most important things you want to look for in an SEO agency is transparency and honesty. You don’t want to be taken for a very expensive ride by people who promise the world and then deliver, whatever is the opposite.

You want an agency who provides you with monthly reports and updates. This way you know the money you’re investing is bringing results. And you want those reports to make sense and not be in technical babbles which confuses you.

You want to look for an agency that has quantifiable results and a history to back up their promises.

Check out our blog post for more tips on what to ask before hiring an SEO agency for your business.

What type of clients do you take on?

We take on clients who can envision success, who want to work with us, and who understand that what we will do for them will work, but it will take some time.

We have large clients, small business clients, medium clients, all of whom are looking to invest in the long-term growth of their business.

We take on clients who are open minded, who listen to the advice we provide and who give good feedback to us.

We take on clients who ask good questions and enquire about what we do.

How to tell if your SEO agency is providing you results?

The first way to tell if we are delivering good results to you is through the monthly reports we deliver. We go through the reports with you, show you the positive growth and show you the areas which need more work on.

The second way you can tell if what we’re doing is working for you is if you notice an increase in traffic to your website, an increase in sales through your website, or if you get your friends to search for you by certain keywords, you’re higher up the rankings than you were when we started together. We set up goal tracking so you can see the numbers match up with what we’re telling you.

How much does SEO cost?

In dollar figures? We have monthly plans from as low as $500 per month. This will get you an SEO health check of your site, a content strategy, backlinks and more. We deliver this to you in a monthly report, and it is up to you to action the report.

You can pay more and get more, of course, but the real question is- how much will it cost if you don’t focus on SEO?

The lower your ranking on search results means the less organic traffic to your website. The less authoritative backlinks pointing to your website the lower your Page Authority.

You could say it will cost you more to NOT get involved with SEO. Start investing with us and you will begin to get a positive ROI.

How to measure the ROI for SEO?

The short answer for this question is, we’ll measure it for you and show you the results in the monthly report.

But if you want to keep tabs on this yourself, the first thing you need to do is install Google Analytics for your website.

The first way to check ROI is through Conversion Tracking. This allows you to focus on all the revenue streams you have, measure how many people have visited these revenue portals, and from where, and then see if they spent money.

Through the SEO work you will do with us, you’ll notice the organic search results, and visitors from such results, will increase. With some good on-site copy you’ll also see more of those visitors clicking BUY.

This shows a positive ROI.

To learn more about ROI for SEO, check out our blog post here.

When can you start an SEO campaign?

Tomorrow. Do a Google search for something you sell but don’t complete writing the search. Look at the suggestions Google gives you to complete your search. Write them down.

Now start writing and posting blog content which answers those Google queries, and includes those keywords and BANG! You’ve started an SEO Campaign.

Certainly we can add a lot of technical and strategic advice to you, even do the content writing for you.

The sooner you get on it the sooner you will see results.

never stop learning

Want to Learn More? Check Out Hawk Academy

We have launched the Hawk Academy, where we can pass on our knowledge of SEO to you.

If you become a client, the Hawk Academy is free. Even if you’re not yet a client, there is some valuable information and tips you can gain from our Hawk Academy to help you and your business.

We want to stop SEO misinformation and make it easier to understand the power behind SEO and how it can help you.

SEO is for everyone, not just big business.

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