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Bell and Bone.

Boosting viability and tackling the digital market.

The Underdog Amongst The Giants!

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Organic traffic YoY Increase

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 Increase in keyword base

Bell & Bone was started by Arianne, a dog paw-rent herself, to provide dog owners with healthy dog treats and dental sticks, an alternative to those found in supermarkets, which were usually filled with unnatural flavourings and additives.


Bell and Bone first came to StudioHawk to boost visibility for their natural dental stick range and superfood dog treats, and to go after giants in an already saturated space. Although the website had only been around for 2 years and was considered ‘new’ in organic terms, StudioHawk recognised that there was HUGE potential to grow from a tiny puppy to a fully-fledged adult woofer.

The Plan

We started with some education on the basics of SEO, especially on content creation and backlink acquisition, and how to boost domain authority. Often there is the belief of ‘instant’ wins and results from paid ads & social media strategy, but the client’s goal was to grow visibility online for dental sticks & superfood treats. Awooooo!

The Execution

Beginning as a $1,000 SEO campaign, StudioHawk kicked the campaign off by providing strong content recommendations and backlink acquisition to boost Bell & Bone’s domain authority. A major win that StudioHawk recognised, were above the fold descriptions, which were missing from many of Bell & Bone’s category pages. We provided a category page description template, with SEO best practices and competitor examples, that helped Arianne immensely. She was able to smash out category descriptions for all pages within a week, leveraging keywords as well as being easy for users to read and understand.

In January 2021, Arianne told us of her plans to launch a new superfood dog treat range in June 2021. Trusting our expertise, Arianne
asked us for guidance on best SEO practices to help her name her new products. As superfood dog treats were new in the pet industry, there was little to no search volume behind this keyword. Instead, we advised Arianne to leverage high-volume keywords, (which she was beginning to rank well for), and make it clear that her products contain superfood ingredients.

The Results

  • SEO takes time, and with the work we’d done around content creation and backlink acquisition, Bell & Bone had moved the needle significantly, ranking on the 2nd and 3rd pages for a handful of important keywords!
  • By February 2021, about 4 months into her SEO campaign, we began to see significant growth in position rankings for her top keywords!

  • With the campaign now strolling along nicely by in July 2021, Bell & Bone’s website relaunched, taking on a fresh groom and trim – all of which were done with our website architecture and recommendations in mind.


So what’s next for Bell & Bone? With the pet industry evolving at every turn, the next plan is to grow the website’s blog authority, which was beginning to gain traction at the end of 2020. StudioHawk will continue to work hand-in-hand with Arianne to find the best content opportunities possible and take on the ‘Great Danes’ in the industry.


“They are always there for me, answer all of my questions, and have really helped me and the business grow in brand awareness, traffic, and conversion.”

Adrianne Sackville - Bell & Bone