Content Team Manager

Matthew Farmer

Matthew is StudioHawk’s Content Team Manager and Freelance Copywriter Wrangler. Content is a major part of the SEO pie, and StudioHawk wants to deliver the tastiest pie in the world, and so they are delivering SEO content in-house.

Matthew has been a writer for a very long time. He is a creative writer, has been a freelance copywriter, taught writing and marketing at RMIT, worked client-side as a copywriter, and is now agency side with StudioHawk.

Matthew enjoys words and the power of words. Good SEO is powered by keywords and targeted language. Matthew enjoys being creative within that box of the Brief, with specific keywords. How can you craft a message that entices someone to take action, yet feeds Google as well?

Matt’s hobbies include writing (of course), participating in the National Novel Writing Month, where you write a 50k word novel in the 30 days of November. And he runs a weekly online writing group called Written Off. Other crafty hobbies include painting miniatures, reading widely, basketball and gaming. He recycles toys into jewellery and is always on the hunt for the best cafes to write in.

Matthew is married to an incredibly creative woman and also has the best cat in the world- Morrisey, a 4-year-old rescue cat adopted during Lockdown Ver 2.

Matthew Farmer 2023