SEO Specialist

Kay Chua

Meet Kay, StudioHawk’s SEO Specialist with a ‘jack of all digital marketing’ trades. While her expertise lies in SEO, she’s no stranger to the worlds of web development and UX/UI design.

Before she started driving organic traffic to online businesses, Kay was driving traffic to your local cafes as one of their favourite baristas. Those days in hospitality taught her some major life lessons, such as patience, teamwork, and most importantly, how to brew the perfect cup of coffee for herself, (and others if they so kindly ask).

Kay’s love for SEO found its way into her life when being a front-end developer turned out not to be as easy as changing colours and the border radius of a few buttons – but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She finds SEO exciting not just because of the impressive results it brings and the myriad of strategies it involves to achieve those milestones, but because it also allows her to leverage her skills in coding, design, and hospitality to help both small and large businesses achieve their long-term goals – all while building amazing connections along the way.

To counteract the hours of sitting during the day, she spends her time trying to perform some cool tricks doing pole fitness, indulging in weekend food adventures, and creating fun content with friends.

Kay Chua 2023