SEO Specialist

Chloe Chiang

Chloe first heard of StudioHawk when she met the founder Harry at an event. She then dabbled in a bit of SEO during an internship at university, but it wasn’t until she came across a Junior SEO Specialist job ad at StudioHawk that she began to (funnily enough) Google SEO and what it meant. After ‘stalking’ StudioHawk’s social media and website, she knew she had to work here.

As an SEO Specialist at StudioHawk, Chloe’s role involves mapping out potential campaigns for businesses looking for SEO strategies and identifying best practice SEO optimisation methods for clients. She loves helping businesses grow their SEO, whether it’s a small mum and pop business or a huge enterprise-level corporation. 

Chloe also loves educating and teaching people about SEO and could probably spend hours with you dissecting and discussing potential strategies and ways to optimise your website. At StudioHawk, she has been instrumental in training the team and ensuring that everyone is trained up on the latest and best SEO practices possible.

When Chloe isn’t working, she loves going on adventures with her dog, travelling, cooking up a storm or building with her latest Lego set.

Feel free to connect with her on Linkedin 

This is a photo of Chloe