SEO Specialist

Charlotte Pignatelli

After relocating from London, Charlotte is excited to continue her journey in SEO as an SEO Specialist for StudioHawk Melbourne. A combination of a coding bootcamp, mixed with a love of blogging, first led her into this career. Now with 5 years experience in SEO, she’s worked across agencies, in-house and freelance roles, and has had the privilege of collaborating with some incredible brands – including Apple, British Airways, EasyJet, and Selfridges.

Charlotte’s passionate about every aspect of SEO, but has a particular love of working with e-Commerce sites and building long-term strategies.

Outside of SEO, she’s passionate about running, triathlon, hiking, interior design, street photography, and exploring everything Melbourne has to offer. As an avid traveller, she’s often spending her weekends on city breaks or excursions to experience new cultures, cuisines, and people!

Charlotte Pignatelli 2023