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StudioHawk and Lighthouse Foundation

A mission close to Harry’s Heart

Creating PATHWAYS to end youth homelessness

The Lighthouse Foundation exists to help young people who are experiencing homelessness or trauma, the chance to get support.

StudioHawk is on board to help the young people of Melbourne heal, grow and achieve more with their lives than would be possible without agency.

Our founder, Harry Sanders, was homeless, couch surfing in his teens, before his passion for SEO found him building StudioHawk. He connects with the mission and values of The Lighthouse Foundation and wants to give a helping hand to other youth that are in the same situation as he was.

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Lighthouse Foundation

Our Goal with Lighthouse Foundation

We want to help them to achieve their three-year goals.

  • Deliver best practice care for homeless youth.
  • Expand the availability and meaningfulness of youth services.
  • Lead through respect and advocacy.
  • Empower communities to help.

We also aim to raise their profile, get more people aware of the great work they do, and to help raise money so they can help more young homeless people.

This is a photo of Harry

Lighthouse Foundation

Harry is an ambassador for Lighthouse Foundation and raises money through speaking events as well as part of the profits of StudioHawk.

I’m involved because this is what several people did for me while I was homeless and allowed me to get to the position I’m in today.”

So far, since 2020, we have . . . 

  • Donated office space in the StudioHawk headquarters in Prahran.
  • Sponsored a young disadvantaged entrepreneur each quarter to go through a business program
  • Hosted networking and fundraising events that have raised $30,000+ for the organization

Lighthouse Foundation

Did you want to help?

You can donate to the organization. You can work with us as foster carers or as therapeutic residential youth workers.

There are opportunities for community fundraisingvolunteering, and so much more.

Visit their website and discover all the good work they’ve done, and all the great things they plan to do to help the homeless youth of Melbourne.

We are partnered with the Lighthouse Foundation, click here to learn more and contribute to the cause of ending youth homelessness.