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Are you looking for a copywriting agency near you? One that’s local to you in Melbourne or based in Australia?

There are countless copywriters available through online freelancing websites, but they may not know the subtleties of the Australian language or the nuance of your brand voice.

StudioHawk is Melbourne-based with an in-house copywriting team and a gaggle of freelance copywriters with a broad spectrum of niche topics.

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Our Copywriting Capabilities

Do you need blogs written for you every week? How about a landing page for a product launch? Would you like a press release to send to your network of followers letting them know of an event you’ll be at?

The range of SEO copywriting we can deliver is extensive, all backed by the award-winning StudioHawk SEO team.

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We craft copy that elevates your brand

SEO copywriting needs to have a purpose. The purpose can be to sign people up to your newsletter list or buy your products now. The biggest goal, however, is to elevate your brand, your products, and services, and ultimately, to boost your webpage up the Google rankings.

Our SEO team research what keywords are ranking in your field, what people are searching for, and why, and our copywriters deliver words that attract these people through organic search results.

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Copywriting with an SEO focus

Our copywriting agency just doesn’t write words for words’ sake. That would be a waste of words.

The copywriting that we deliver to you is powered by SEO, with strategic keywords, proper heading structures, and more. We write with SEO in mind.

Balance Is Key: Exploring the Relationship Between Information Architecture and SEO

Landing Pages for SEO

Landing pages are great for highlighting products and services you want to focus on. They are good for packing an SEO punch.

With StudioHawk’s copywriting agency, you can have a landing page backed by an SEO strategy to attract visitors to your new launch, your key idea, whatever you like. Then we encourage people to take ACTION!

This action can be to buy now, sign up, or save the date. All these calls to action grab customer details for you to market to going forwar

User Centric Reseach

SEO Product Descriptions

Describing what you’re selling is one thing. Get a copywriter to do it, and it’s a whole next level of awesome. 

Features, benefits, and SEO keywords help commercial or transactional search intent users find their way to your store and fill their shopping carts with your goods and services.

SEO Awards

Technical Writing for SEO

Technical SEO writing is the writing which makes Google crawl your site faster, understand your site quicker, and is about the structure and other less-fancy kinds of copywriting.

  • The technical side of website SEO can include the URL structure matching intent and including keywords.
  • It is the Meta Description given to the user under a search result. Make sure it is less than 160 characters.
  • Technical SEO writing is the menu structure and having all the common content linked in their own content silos.
  • Make sure there is no duplicate content on the site to confuse Google.
Search Intent Research

Creative SEO Content Strategy

Our copywriters, working with the SEO team, want to deliver fun and exciting content for you. We don’t want to give you something bland. It needs to be engaging, creative, and fun, and it needs to help you rank with Google.

We encourage feedback. If you have ideas of what you’d like in your content plan. We’ll assess them, see if they will help you rank, and then look at how to make the copywriting awesome for you.

Do you want an SEO Copywriting agency working with you?

You can browse our copywriting offerings, choose to work with us and watch as your organic traffic blossoms. 

Call us today, and speak to real SEO professionals, not just a team of salespeople.

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