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Digital is undeniably the way of the future, and what better way to kick start or skyrocket your SEO career than joining one of Australia’s biggest, most trusted and dedicated SEO agencies. Whether you’re an aspiring SEO specialist looking to find your next role, or hunting for an exciting entry-level SEO job, you’ve come to the right place.

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About Us

About the agency, its culture, goals

StudioHawk is an award-winning agency, but we wouldn’t win awards without the wonderful talent we have in our team. We have a vibrant home in Melbourne and an office in London full of talented SEO specialists.

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We are an agency that embraces opportunity when it comes to us. We hold our heads high with integrity in the field of marketing, and we are transparent with who we are and what we do. We believe in honesty with each other and with our clients. It produces a great place to work.

We also believe in enjoying our work and having fun, with monthly team events, weekly trivia competitions, a puppy-friendly office, and more.

Sounds like a place you’d want to work?

Our Difference

Why Choose Us? Our Unique Difference

Embrace Opportunity

The SEO insights we offer are all about creating opportunity. To rise above your competitors, get in front of the right customers and carve out a unique space on the web. We are so confident that you will see the opportunity and results that we have month to month agreements, and don’t believe in long lock-in contracts like agencies that can’t back themselves.

Search intent

In the digital space as well as in the day-to-day. We won’t work on campaigns we don’t think we can achieve results for, not everyone is in good shape for SEO and we turn away dozens of campaigns a month, roughly 50% of all enquiries we get. We don’t take shortcuts – we’re with you for the long game.


We make SEO success affordable and give you full campaign visibility plus comprehensive monthly reporting. You’ll know how your website is performing and the results you’re getting in a way you’ll understand. We don’t just do the work, we educate you so that you understand.


We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We want you to take you to SEO places you’ve never been before AND help you enjoy the journey as it unfolds. We’re here to help you find a better way to do business.


What we look for in our next Hawk

We want someone who is passionate about SEO. That might sound odd, but once you get into it, it is fascinating and exciting. Getting real results for clients, thanks to SEO, needs to excite you and drive you.

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We’re looking for someone with a genuine interest in SEO and all the cool stuff you can achieve with it. We want to see you thrive and want to grow your career with us.

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You need to be good at what you do and be open to helping others and getting stuck in. We’re real people, and you are too. Understand the work, don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything. You know when to ask for help.


When you join StudioHawk, it is only the beginning of what you can learn, where you can take your career. Challenge yourself, build your knowledge base, and then pass that knowledge on through training sessions and presentations to the team.

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You want to see WINS for your clients. You want to work hard, see results and see the smiles on the face of others when you change their lives. Honestly, a small business spending $500 with us a month, and you can increase traffic and increase their cash flow? That is huge.


Learning new skills, working with the team, you will grow as a person, and we encourage that. We want to see you grow as a person, as an employee as an expert in your field. We will back you all the way.

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Check your ego at the door though, we’re not looking for that here. We do love people with talent, but we don’t like people who think they’re better than any body else.


from the Hawks

“I joined StudioHawk in the first half of 2021. They had seen a growing need for a dedicated Content Team and hired me to create the content creation process, and build that SEO Content Team. That process has been far more successful than I could have imagined. The work is growing and the team is growing around me.

I came on board knowing what SEO Copywriting was, but I still learned a lot more about it. I understand better the importance of SEO content and the power it has when combined with an SEO strategy. I understand how well it combines with the technical SEO work the StudioHawk team provides for our customers.

The culture here is the best I’ve seen and worked with. They welcomed me with gifts, they champion all your wins, they celebrate achievements. It is happy and upbeat. All that positivity reflects in how they want to get wins for their clients, which they also celebrate.”

Matthew Farmer Content Manager

“Ever meet a person and think where have you been my whole life? Well, that person for me was SEO! SEO is a skill that has empowered me to help Australian businesses of all sizes, from an iconic Aussie retailer like The Reject Shop to Asset Building Systems a local builder in NSW. More importantly, StudioHawk’s culture has allowed me to progress to where I want to be, uplift others around me, and be a part of a culture that is always fun and supportive. If you’re NOT looking for an average SEO agency, you’ve come to the right nest.”

Charbel Raffoul Senior SEO Specialist

“I started my journey at StudioHawk as a Junior SEO Specialist in early 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, had one day in the office, then faced the challenge of learning SEO and getting to know my team remotely. But my team at StudioHawk was with me every step of the way, training and fostering my growth. The skills I’ve picked up as well as the culture are not like anywhere I’ve experienced before.

And within my first year, I was lucky enough to have been a part of TWO award-winning SEO campaigns!”

Chloe Chiang SEO Specialist

“I have absolutely loved working with the team at StudioHawk, not only have I progressed professionally but also personally since my time here. I have had the opportunity to progress from just working 3 days a week to now full-time and managing campaigns, building out processes, and gaining a wealth of knowledge into the SEO world. Prior to my position, I had very little knowledge about SEO, however now I am able to run campaigns and strategise in order to optimise client’s websites.

This is only possible because of the incredible training that StudioHawk offers. Nothing makes me happier than working with clients and transforming their website, which in turn transforms their business too. Building relationships is one of my core values and at StudioHawk I am not only able to do that with clients but with the team too. StudioHawk continues to blow me away with how much each person cares for and supports one another, it is such an honour to be a part of the team.”

Toni Levin SEO & Digital PR Specialist

“In the space of a year at StudioHawk, I became an SEO specialist managing multiple campaigns and given responsibilities that would take years to attain anywhere else.

I am specialising in eCommerce SEO, and can be found geeking out over analytics data to unveil opportunities!

Our UK team is small but mighty! We are continuously bringing wonderful clients in exciting industries on board, who are keen to work alongside us and learn from us which is honestly so cool. Our UK team have a quest to find the best coffee and pastry in Shoreditch in our breaks, but our beloved Flour & Flowers café reign supreme every time <3 The UK and AU teams are super connected, even continents apart which is the best! I feel like I know all of my fellow AU hawks so well, even though I’ve yet to meet them in person! We support each other through, celebrate wins together and when time permits, hop on for a global team to catch up.

Having a global team of SEO specialists in every branch of SEO and are passionate to share their knowledge and work has definitely accelerated my growth here!”

Caitlin Hathaway London SEO Specialist

“My time so far at StudioHawk so far has been nothing short of amazing. After completing my studies in Marketing and Digital Advertising I managed some eCommerce websites alongside working in hospitality. Throughout this period I developed a strong interest in SEO and long behold I started at StudioHawk.

StudioHawk is like opening Pandora’s box to all things SEO. The wealth of knowledge that the team has taught me and continued to be invaluable. For me the thing that sets StudioHawk apart is the culture. Constant Friday night catch ups (over zoom atm) and fun activities all the time really allow you to have fun but also motivates you to work harder. 

My time at StudioHawk has been great. I’ve progressed quickly with the help of my team and when reflecting can’t believe how much I’ve learnt. I’ve not only developed SEO skills but client management and life long skills. Working on small, medium and big accounts in all kinds of industries has given me such a breadth of experiences. I’m keen to continue onwards and upwards!”

Aidan Michael SEO Specialist


Available roles at

Junior SEO Specialist

Learn about SEO from our specialists in-house. Set up clients for SEO campaigns, identify opportunities for our clients, and produce monthly reports to communicate the wins and challenges with our clients. You will do comprehensive keyword research, on-site SEO work, and off-site optimisation strategies. Backlinks will become your best friend.

SEO Specialist

Are you all about SERP and Backlinks and the Skyscraper method? Do you know what longtail keywords are and how to implement them? Two out of Three ain’t bad, as they say, and you can learn the third, and more, with StudioHawk. IF you have a good 1-2 years of experience working with SEO, we want to hear from you.”

Digital PR Specialist

Can you write a press release, spin a story for StudioHawk, and clients, which will make people perk their ears up and take notice? Are you good with the media and have a professional tone of voice when you speak and write? We’d like to hear from you.”


Hawk Perks

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Clear progression pathways
We have a clear career progression with StudioHawk, from the beginning as a Junior, through specialisation and becoming a senior. It is always clear where you are on the career path, so you know where to aim higher.

Be rewarded for bringing business to StudioHawk. Ongoing commissions are paid monthly. The potential for being well paid is almost limitless.

Weekly personal training sessions
A great way for all of our staff to stay fit and healthy.

Modern working environment
We don’t work in a stuffy office full of beige cubicles. We’re currently located in a refurbished warehouse in Prahran, with an awesome kitchen and pumping tunes. We also have beanbags and a puppy dog mascot named Basil.

Weekly Wednesday healthy breakfast
The whole team is involved with a healthy breakfast, provided by StudioHawk.

Employee mental health program
We encourage personal mental health with our staff, driven by Jaime-Lee and her Monday Morning emails, and mindfulness Months. But we also give employees access to 3x free support service sessions a year as they need. It is all confidential of course. We want you to take care of yourself.

Monthly team events
We have monthly team events! Some past events include cork and canvas, archery attack, game (In-person Mafia) & pizza nights, and pottery.

Physiotherapy and Ergonomic checkups
Once a month we have a physio in-house to help you with aches and pains and ongoing physical care. We also have an ergonomic assessor come around regularly to check on us and that we’re not slouching or sitting awkwardly, and your workstation is set up correctly.

Staff awards nights
We like to acknowledge and celebrate when our hawks do good things, for our clients and for StudioHawk.

Lunch & Learn sessions
We are constantly running education sessions for all our staff, run by our staff. You get to learn AND teach, and eat lunch.

Annual Christmas party
Take a break, enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy the company of the StuidHawk family with a Christmas lunch. Celebrate an awesome year with the Hawks.

Camp Hawk
A work retreat for the Seniors and Specialists to workshop ideas to grow StudioHawk. It is also a chance for the Seniors to get to know each other and bond as a team, outside the pressures of the office.

Team Lunches and Dinners
Every quarter we give each team a chance to socialise and eat good food together. You can relax, have some fun and chat with your teammates about things other than work.

Join an award-winning team
StudioHawk was announced Best SEO Agency Globally, in the 2021 Global Search Awards. It is the team of Hawks that made the award possible.

Pet-friendly office
We gave Basil, out Doggo In Charge, but you can bring your pets to the office as well. If they love other people and scratches behind the ear, they’re welcome at StudioHawk.


The Hawk Culture

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Video of current hawks talking about what it’s like to work at StudioHawk. 


What working
with us looks like

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The Hawk Photo Wall-min
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Josh and Charb present-min
Golf team event-min
Archery Attack-min
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Working in our team offers so much more than SEO, we have crazy & fun team events including hit golf balls at the driving range, egg and spoon races where teams compete with each other, hosting events and talks on search marketing, archery attack and so much more. The culture is seriously unbeatable.

Our office is dog-friendly, our team photos are everywhere and we have some of the coolest custom neon signs throughout the space from one of our beloved clients.

Whether we are in the office or working from home, we keep the vibes going, online pizza and painting are is of the StudioHawk classics.

Honestly, the events are endless. We even set up a game of survivor with all the teams in the agency. It was pretty epic. Whatever you enjoy, we have got you covered.

Our awards

Awards We’ve Won

Studiohawk is an award-winning agency. So far we’ve won, ‘Best Global SEO Agency’ in the Global Search Awards, ‘Best Agency’ in the Semrush Search Awards, 2019 winner for the Mumbrella Awards and 2019 Marketing Innovation Winner for the Australian Business Awards, so you know you’ll be working with the best in the business.

Studiohawk is also a Google Partner Specialist and we’re a Board Member of the Australian Web Industry Association.

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What are the typical steps in the recruitment process?
  1. You see a job advertised for Studiohawk, you get excited.
  2. You write an attention-grabbing cover letter and send us your resume.
  3. We read through them, and if we like what we read, our HR chief has a chat with you on the phone to see how you are, what your availability is.
  4. Then one of the Team Leaders in the area where the job is at, chats to you over the phone.
  5. From there we bring you in for an interview with the General Manager. We chat to you, about YOU, and see how you could fit in with the StudioHawk family.
  6. We then bring you in for a paid trial day, get you to meet the teams, do some work, have some lunch.
  7. If you rock our world, and you like what you see, look out, you could be the next Hawk!
Should there be a cover letter included in the application?

Absolutely. Introduce yourself to us, give us a taste of who you are. Make it interesting and exciting, make us want to call you up to find out more.

How long does it take for a response to an application?

We’re really quick at responding to applicants. However, due to the number of applicants we get, we only respond to applicants who make it to the next stage of the application process. If you haven’t heard from us within two or three days, then sadly it is unlikely you made it to the next stage.

What is the quickest way I can contact the recruitment team at StudioHawk?

Email or telephone, whichever suits you best. There is a form at the bottom of this page which goes direct to the Careers team, and there is a phone number at the top which comes through to our reception.