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You know that SEO is good for business. You’ve read some articles, such as Is SEO worth it?. It breaks down very well that SEO is more than just how much money you invest into it. SEO is about the technology, it is about the results, but it is also about the people you work with and connect with to do your SEO.

When looking for an agency to do your SEO work, look for more than just backlinks and content. Look for an SEO agency that has people you can connect with. You will be investing time and money into SEO, so you want to have someone you can talk to, ask questions, and trust that they know what they’re doing.

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What does an SEO Consultant do?

An SEO Consultant is more than a technician. Yes, they will work on your SEO campaign with you, but it’s more than that. Our crew here at StudioHawk does more than just SEO.

A consultant:

  • Will discuss and advise you on SEO campaigns.
  • Will report to you about how your SEO campaign is running.
  • Has a team of experts behind them, giving you the best SEO results.
  • Is a point of contact between you and the agency.

At StudioHawk, we have teams of SEO professionals working away, backing each other up, backing our consultants up. Plus, our consultants managing your campaign and working with you are SEO pros themselves. They don’t just talk the talk.

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What are the benefits of hiring an SEO Consultant?

There are always benefits to hiring an expert consultant. You don’t have to learn and understand the expert subject. They already know it, and they help you understand what’s best for you.

The added bonus of hiring a StudioHawk SEO Consultant is they also do the work for you. Some consultants will suggest the best way to complete a task. It is then upon you to do the work.

We consult with you on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ – what would you like to achieve with your SEO campaign? How can we do this? How would you like us to do this?

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What if I already have tried SEO?

We always encourage people to try SEO for themselves. We have the Hawk Academy to teach you how you can do SEO.

If you feel you’ve tried SEO and it’s not working, then an SEO Consultant is perfect for you. They can look at what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you have achieved with your SEO efforts. Then you can have a conversation about what to do next, where you can go, what needs fixing, all that cool SEO stuff.

Why is my SEO not working?

SEO can be fixed. Our consultants can audit your website, find where you’ve misstepped your SEO, and show you how it can be fixed, how you can be SEO saved.

How do I go about hiring an SEO Consultant?

You’ve now reached the conclusion you need an SEO Consultant, so how do you hire one? What do you need to know? What questions do you ask? How much would it cost?

The easiest way to hire an SEO Consultant would be to contact StudioHawk for a conversation, but let’s take a step back and work our way there more slowly.

What questions should I ask?

What do you want to know? Here are some excellent questions to start with.

  • How can SEO help my business?
  • How long until I see SEO results?
  • How do I know you’re the best SEO agency for me?
  • How long have you worked with SEO?
  • How long will you be working with me?
  • How do you measure SEO success?
  • How will your SEO work with my brand?
  • How often will you report to me?
  • What can I do to help you work more effectively?

That last question is a good one. Often people think that because they are paying the consultant money, it’s all one-way traffic with the work. But if you want to get truly outstanding results, you can help the SEO consultant. Give your dollar an assist.

How much do SEO Consultants charge?

An interesting question, which could be answered- how much do you want to pay? With StudioHawk, SEO Strategies begin from $1200 + GST a month, and your SEO Specialist is your consultant, working with you to build the most successful SEO campaign to get results.

You can up your spending to include more time invested in backlinks or get our Content Writing Team to produce blogs for your SEO campaign. You will still have your consultant reporting to you every month, available to chat via phone or email if you have an idea or want to discuss your SEO.

How long should I have an SEO Consultant?

As long as you have an SEO Campaign running with an agency, you should have a consultant working with you. As mentioned, they can help suggest new ideas, work with you on your campaign ideas, and be the liaison between your business and the SEO Specialists.

If you choose to leave an SEO agency but continue to do SEO on your own, you may want to keep the consultant on, just to give you a bit of a hand. They can make you accountable if you let the scheduling of SEO tasks slip, and they can guide you in directions you might not have thought of before.

How do I evaluate an SEO agency?

  • The first way to evaluate if an agency is good for you is to look at their case studies and testimonials. Do they show real results? Are they brands you recognise? Do the testimonials feel real?
  • The next thing you can do is chat with the people trying to sell you SEO. Do they explain what SEO is clearly? Or are they using fancy language and treating you like you don’t understand?
    StudioHawk does not have a sales team. The people you speak to on the phone are actual SEO experts. They may seem a little awkward in the sales talk, but they are awesome on the SEO tools.
  • Thirdly, look at the pricing and costing. Are they asking you to pay a lot per month, and lock you into a contract you can’t get out of? Do they explain the costs to you? Does it seem worth it, to you?

Why is an SEO agency better than doing SEO in-house?

You may think that doing your SEO in-house will save you money on those expensive SEO agencies. And that may be true. You might not need to spend $30,000 or more a month on a comprehensive SEO campaign, with content done for you. Perhaps you have an employee who can write, and you know some companies you can reach out to for backlinks, and your web developer can help optimize your website.

Remember, you need to be doing this stuff every month to be effective. If your employee, who isn’t supposed to be writing, is a bit late with their blog or page content, what then? What if it gets too busy and they can’t write because of sales or marketing tasks?

When you engage an SEO agency to do the work for you, you are paying for that guarantee that the work will be done. Every month you will get a report showing the backlinks acquired and the positive steps in Google ranking. You will get a well-researched and professionally written blog, every month.

Engaging an SEO company saves you TIME. Ask yourself- how much is your time worth, then weigh up the options.

StudioHawk is a globally award-winning SEO agency, judged best in the world and the Asia Pacific Region. We have award-winning campaigns, rising stars, and Young Search Professionals winners; Harry Sanders and Lawrence Hitches consulting in SEO. We’re full of SEO professionals, not salespeople, so the person you speak to on the phone knows SEO.

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