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Powerful SEO copy, which hits keywords and targets your ideal customer, is the driving force behind all good SEO campaigns. If you want a Melbourne copywriter, look no further than the number 1 SEO agency in the world- StudioHawk.

With the power of an SEO studio behind them, the Melbourne SEO copywriters can give you blogs, category pages, press releases, and web copy, which can bring in more organic traffic and boost your bottom line.

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How quality content writing will boost SEO

Good content, from an SEO copywriter, backed up by an SEO campaign, helps your website and hence your business.

SEO includes:

Keyword research – we find out what customers are using to find you or the products and services you provide, and we weave these into your SEO content and get you ranking for them.
Competitor research – we can find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for and what content is ranking well. From this, we create better content and help you beat them in ranking for those keywords.
Backlink outreach- write content that other websites want to link to. WRite content to share with other blogs and directories to point back to you.

Content is more than just writing a nice blog or a fancy landing page. Good SEO Copywriting can be used for press releases, category pages, product pages and more.

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Harness Your Data

How to plan SEO Copywriting?

If you want good SEO copywriting, you don’t just open a blank document and start writing. You need to plan and research before you start writing.

  • What are customers searching for?
  • What is their search intent?
  • What keywords are they using, and which keywords can you target?
  • What type of copywriting best serves their search intent?
  • How many words should we write for you?

A good plan will give you good copy. StudioHawk does extensive planning for you, so you get the best SEO copywriting in Melbourne.

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How important is the content length for SEO?

For blogs, we recommend at least 1000 words, at least once a month. Google will tell you the ultimate word length for SEO is between 2000 and 2500 words.

However, understand where your content will be consumed. A 2500 word guide is more likely to be read by people researching on their computers. A quick 600-word byte about a new product would be consumed on the train ride home, or by people on their phones looking to buy something now.

We give the same SEO love and care no matter the word count of your SEO copywriting.

Balance Is Key: Exploring the Relationship Between Information Architecture and SEO

How to create linkable SEO content?

The simple answer is to write excellent content that people want to link to.

Answer search intent. Answer and solve the questions people need help with.

Write content that supports other people’s content. Create authoritative content in your field of expertise, and let other websites know about it. Then they will link to your content to back up their articles, and you will gain page authority through good backlinks.

Want some Melbourne or Sydney based copywriters to write for you?

Have a look at the content we can write for you, and call us to find out more.

All of this will help keep your website updated with the best SEO content.

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SEO Copywriting FAQ

Why do I need a copywriter?

Being an SEO copywriter is more than just writing a blog. It is writing a blog every month, for 12 months of the year. It is targeting a keyword in your content without stuffing the words in there too much. It is having title tags that grab the attention of the reader and Google through the use of keywords.

If you feel confident writing content regularly that hits keywords and the target audience, we encourage you to have a go.

If it sounds a bit too much? Let StudioHawk’s SEO copywriters help you.

Where are you located? Should we meet?

We are located in Prahran, Melbourne and Surry Hills, Sydney. If you’d like our office and meet the team, we’d welcome you and buy you a cup of coffee from one of the many cafes nearby.

A lot of the work, however, can easily be done remotely, talking over the phone or through a video call. We can research you and your competitors for keywords and search intent, and build a content brief for you to look over and approve.

If you’re in another country, we can still do good work together. 

How long will it take to write my copy?

StudioHawk work on monthly reports. If you sign on for 1 blog per month or 4 blogs per month, you will have all content written for you within that month. We give you a round of revision too.

I’ve been let down by freelancers before - what makes your content different?

There are bad news stories out there, we know. StudioHawk have an in-house team of writers, and a gaggle of freelance writers. All content is read and edited in-house, and you get a chance to read and get revisions. 

We make sure that the SEO Copywriting that you get from StudioHawk is the best.

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