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Lash Jungle.

Lash Jungle is an Australian online store that offers a variety of lash extension supplies for professional lash technicians, (in a B2B model), to stock up on their kit.

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Increase in organic traffic within 6 months!


Increase in revenue in 6 months!


Increase in keywords over 12 months!

SEO Services


Our close collaboration with the client and the strategy direction required to increase traffic was going to be at the core of our strategy.

Lash Jungle wished to create their content, so the direction going forward was to guide the client on SEO best practices while maintaining the tone of voice for the brand itself.

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  • Guide collection page content to provide more useful information to users 
  • Initiate and assist the need for niche articles to capture informational intent 
  • Create an internal linking strategy using custom search
  • Create product, FAQ, & Organisational Schema Markup 
  • Create targeted page-based FAQs 
  • Conduct training and collaboration with the client


To ensure that the content the client wished to write was brimming with healthy SEO, we provided in-depth training to the client’s team, which covered best practices on:  

  • Metadata
  • URL structure
  • Informational / blog content 
  • On-page & keyword density for collection pages
  • Intent mapping 

We also provided access to our internal training program, Hawk Academy. This meant the team could consistently refresh their knowledge and clarify anything covered in our face-to-face training. This allowed content to be produced quickly by the internal team with minimal SEO changes being required from us.

Here was how we executed the other parts of our plan:

B2C Furniture

Collection Page Content.

Our competitor research identified that a missed opportunity existed on the absence of collection pages. There was minimal to no content across Lash Jungle’s collections while their competitors, who were ranking prominently in this area, had extensive information. 

We provided detailed content briefs explaining the purpose of the content, direction, keyword mapping, intent focus, and structure to allow the Lash Jungle team to quickly create well-written and optimised content.

Niche Articles.

Professional lash technicians are a niche audience.. However, considering that they are all at different stages of their careers and have different levels of experience, we needed to create blog articles to match each situation. We needed to widen our target market as much as possible. In doing so, we analysed competitor sites, keyword research, Answer The Public, and studied any SEMrush content gap analyses. From this, we were able to provide blog recommendations for working professionals within the industry and build upon topical authority.

Search Intent Research

Internal Linking.

The existing Customer Management System was missing the capability to implement breadcrumbs. We added contextual internal links within below-the-fold content to help guide users to other transactional pages on the website and to assist with the customer buying journey. 

Using custom search on Screaming Frog, we created an internal linking strategy to find niche-relevant keywords and implemented internal links with descriptive anchor texts.


Schema Markup.

We understand the need to give Google as much information as possible through schema markup. So, we included product, FAQ, and organisational schema to provide detailed information to assist with Google’s understanding of the page.

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 11.48.35 am


  • 154% increase in organic traffic within 6 months
  • 25% increase in revenue in 6 months
  • 34% increase in transactions in 6 months
  • 51% increase in keywords over 12 months



Growing Lash Jungle’s visibility to capture a larger audience at all stages of the funnel has helped to drive more traffic and revenue through the site in just six months. 

While our collection pages are now optimised and performing well, with strong rankings for core head terms like ‘lash supplies’ and ‘lash cleanser’, there’s more opportunity to grow the site through the increasing the number of niche articles on the site – widening our ability to answer customer queries and informational searches in detail. 

This will help potential customers through the conversion funnel while establishing Lash Jungle as an authority in the industry!

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