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Hey there, we’re StudioHawk, your search obsessed SEO experts, master craftsmen and, well, nerds. No SEO side-hustlers here. Just industry leaders that deliver validated SEO strategies and stay focused on what works.

From Melbourne to Mackay and Largs Bay to London, we’re getting a name for ourselves with an average 300% ROI for clients.



How We Level Up Your SEO ROI

It’s simple really. We’re an SEO agency with a relentless focus on the fundamentals. Our decisions are driven by data but made by humans. No baggage handlers to pass the buck. Plus a nuanced approach that’s tailored for your business. Ultimately, we’re the SEO company that cares about your ROI and bottom line results.

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Targeted Traffic.

Anyone can get traffic. But our SEO masters know how to bring traffic that converts – starting with careful keyword selection based on proven principles and hard data.

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Businesses we’re leveling up with SEO 

By rewriting the SEO playbook and focusing on fundamentals, we’re helping brands level up and get the exposure they deserve.

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“I totally recommend the service because of the handholding and the results. These guys are the best; you can’t go wrong.”

Phil Leahy - Medcart

SEO Services, Crafted for results.

Our Award-Winning SEO Services

Discover all the SEO services that we offer including eCommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, and so much more.




Market your local business online

Search traffic is the highest converting marketing channel, which means SEO is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. But SEO is often misunderstood. Partner with the master SEO craftsman who can help you achieve “big brand” results for your local/SME business.

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SEO Audit

We’ll review your website and online presence to uncover your biggest growth opportunities (and plenty of quick wins too.) No jargon or double speak.


Our SEO masterminds will share specific strategies, action plans and ideas for your business. Got some ideas of your own? We want to hear them too!

Achievement unlocked

Award-Winning SEO Nerds

Highlights include ‘Best Large SEO Agency’ in the 2023 APAC Awards, Best Large Global SEO Agency in the 2021 Global Search Awards, ‘Best Agency 2019’ in the SEMRush Search Awards, 2019 winner for the Mumbrella Awards, and the 2019 Marketing Innovation Winner for the Australian Business Awards.

We didn’t win these awards by being another “me too” SEO agency. And they aren’t just shiny trophies for the pool room. These awards come from pushing the envelope, creating a new playbook and redefining what it means to work with an SEO agency in today’s rapidly changing world.

We’re also a Google Partner Specialist and a Board Member of the Australian Web Industry Association.


Got A Question? Check Out Our SEO FAQs

Why choose StudioHawk for SEO in Sydney?

There’s lots of reasons why our Sydney clients choose us. Unlike others, we’re true SEO specialists & masters of our craft. No part-time hustlers or juniors; we’re here for results. How? With a relentless focus on what works and not just following the flavour of the month. Working with us is easy and transparent too – fixed fees & upfront pricing, jargon-free reporting and no middlemen. But the best way to see if we’re a good fit? Call us for a chat or visit our fun & friendly team at our

How long does it take to get ranking?

You’ll start to see improvements in your ranking within the first couple of months. That doesn’t mean page 1 of SERP, but you will begin your climb soon. To be honest, this is a loaded question. People want to know how long until I hit rank #1. The answer is usually around 6 months, but this is not totally accurate. We can get you onto page one of SERP in 6 months, but ranking #1 might be longer. Many factors determine 1st place, including what your competitors are doing. Focus more in good rankings on page #1, which we’ll get you.

How to choose the right seo agency?

One of the reasons StudioHawk is so popular is because its founder, Harry, wanted to do SEO different to what he had seen in the market place. Crazy monthly fees, lock-in contracts, no communication with the SEO agency for months on end, so you don’t know if the money you’re spending is working. You want an SEO agency with no lock in fees. If you think what we’re doing isn’t working, you can leave

Is SEO a short term or long term strategy?

The short answer- long term strategy. The longer answer good SEO work involves many facets which build in effectiveness over time.