Senior SEO Specialist

Warren Hance

Meet Warren, a seasoned SEO Specialist with a passion for marketing, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Since graduating from University in 2015, Warren has been immersed in the dynamic world of marketing while constantly evolving his skills and expertise in the field.

Driven by creative solutions and analytics, Warren finds joy in crafting effective marketing strategies that deliver impactful results. His love for marketing led him to discover a deep interest in Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO), where he excels at unraveling complex challenges with innovative out-of-the-box solutions.

Recently, Warren made the exciting leap from the UK to Australia to embark on a new chapter in his SEO career where he aspires to achieve his SEO bucket list goals – to share his knowledge and expertise as a speaker at Brighton SEO and to have his insights published on the prestigious Search Engine Journal. He is also known as the go-to “spreadsheet guy.” – managing every aspect of his life through spreadsheets: from determining the optimal time to rise in the morning, to achieving the perfect temperature for frying eggs.

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