SEO Specialist

Lahnne McInerney

As an SEO Specialist at StudioHawk, and with a background in small business ownership and web development, Lahnne brings a wealth of experience in start-ups, business analysis, and consulting to drive results in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation.

As a web developer, Lahnne particularly enjoyed getting to know clients’ businesses inside and out, identifying their pain-points and implementing software solutions to streamline work processes, reduce workload, and enhance efficiency. What Lahnne loves most about the industry is simplifying the lives of business owners by translating technical jargon into everyday language for seamless communication and understanding.

With a strong passion for helping businesses thrive, Lahnne’s expertise lies in SEO, content creation, and e-commerce. She excels at elevating businesses and discovering innovative ways to boost their success. Lahnne’s dedication to empowering businesses, leveraging technology, and delivering exceptional results has seen her recognised as a valuable asset in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Outside of work, Lahnne enjoys exploring Melbourne’s vibrant cafe scene, hitting the park with her dog Phoebe, cozying up with the latest PS5 game, and exploring overseas any chance she gets.

Lahnne McInerney 2023