SEO Specialist

Hendrick Lai

Hendrick, or as the Hawks call him, Hendo, is a Junior SEO Specialist working at StudioHawk. Hendrick has had some previous experience in tech and web design before, and holds a keen attention to detail for site structure, backlink processes and UX design.

Hendrick is also a part of the StudioHawk’s Backlink Team where we assess the best backlink methods for our clients. As a highly detail orientated and delicate process, we have found the best approach is to have highly organised individuals such as Hendrick to keep on top of our client’s overall targets. This role involves looking into niche relevant, trending businesses and services as well as key terms, to provide quality Anchor Texts on these referring pages. These in turn, entice users to click through to our client’s pages in order to produce higher conversion rates. 

Additionally, Hendrick supports a diverse range of campaigns and always takes the time to talk through reports with clients. Always open to feedback, he loves to collaborate and listens to client’s troubled areas and maps out the best course of action moving forward.

Outside of work hours, Hendo is also a prolific houseplant dad who raises a small jungle at home. You can find him tending to the office plants or going into in depth plant conversations around proper plant care and propagation with his colleagues. He has a passion for esports and Japanese cuisine, so if you ever need some good food recommendations he’s your guy!

Hendrick Lai