SEO Manager

Hendrick Lai

Hendrick, or as the Hawks call him, Hendo, is an SEO Manager working at StudioHawk. Hendrick holds previous experience in tech and design and holds keen attention to detail in all his work. A firm believer in all things digital, he first encountered the industry during his studies at both RMIT and Swinburne University. Hendrick was soon thereafter engrossed in the world of SEO.

As part of StudioHawk’s Backlink Team, Hendrick helps craft the best link-building strategies for our clients. The role involves a highly detail orientated and nuanced process, which fit an organisational nut like Hendo to a tee.

Constantly finding time to talk through client questions and to break down the nitty-gritty, Hendrick is always open to feedback and loves working collaboratively to achieve a shared goal.

When not engaged in the world of SEO, Hendrick is an avid foodie, is the office plant guy (who also raises a small jungle at home), loves a hike and is passionate about the natural world, film, esports, sports (up the bombers!) and cake.

This is a photo of Hendrick