SEO Specialist

Dilan Tuncay

Dilan Tuncay decided SEO was the right path for him after completing a Degree in Business with a Major in Marketing at Swinburne University. Dilan came across StudioHawk while evaluating career paths within the industry, searching through various avenues, and deciding to call StudioHawk home after researching the company’s ethos, mission, culture, and success.

Melbourne born and raised, Dilan is indoctrinated with the beliefs and values of diversity, community, and progressive processes. Dilan readily applies these belief systems to his business ethos in order to maintain a well-rounded perspective conducive to well-informed decision-making. Coming from a long-term background in the retail industry, Dilan maintains his critical focus on client relations and pushes constantly for optimal solutions tailored to each unique project. In his free time, Dilan can be found happily participating in Melbourne’s thriving music scene and enjoying the best coffee the city has to offer.

Dilan Tuncay 2023