General Manager London

Anthony Barone

Anthony Barone is the General Manager of StudioHawk London. Anthony was the third hire at StudioHawk Australia and is one of the longest-serving employees, making up the Core Hawk team. Anthony originally came from a background of Hospitality and Sports, completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management while working in a nightclub, pub and the Richmond Football Club. Anthony learnt SEO from the ground up, under the tutelage of Harry and Jake (plus a ton of experimenting to fill in the gaps).

As the leader and SEO specialist on the ground in London, Anthony runs the day to day operations of StudioHawk London. Anthony is building the foundation of London. He makes sure everything is running smoothly and he executes day to day SEO campaigns for his London clients, ensuring that the work gets done and client results are achieved. Alongside this, he also specialises in Local SEO and working through complex campaigns and issues for clients. One of Anthony’s favourite quotes is “I LIKE SEO”.

Anthony doesn’t like talking big fluff words or confusing SEO jargon, he gets the job done with results and no time-wasting. Anthony does nothing but SEO, there is nothing bigger in life than SEO, so he does nothing else, there isn’t a world without SEO, SEO is all that matters.

He also loves spending time with his partner, Julia, his family and friends (when home), fancy cocktails, travelling and learning about how the world works. He also enjoys watching AFL Football and is a loyal Carlton supporter of over 20 years.

In addition, he loves Lawrence, who is more than just a co-worker but a great friend, and when Anthony is home in Melbourne, he loves watching Rush Hour together over a burger. 

Anthony Barone