SEO Specialist

Fearghas Flahvin

Fearghas is a recent RMIT Bachelor of Arts graduate majoring in ‘Music Industry’. After completing his studies, Fearghas found himself using the marketing skills he had developed throughout his years in music, to further his understanding of SEO. Digital marketing is where he thrives, with an understanding of what customers are looking for when searching.

This can be seen in his ability to help upcoming businesses and talents to find their target audience, and guiding them in the type of content they need to produce to draw in as many eyes as possible.

During his time at university, Fearghas helped market events and artists in Melbourne’s music scene. Working with some music royalty, he was able to build up his skills in digital marketing and gain the experience needed to start his SEO career.

Fearghas is now making moves at StudioHawk, helping clients optimise their websites and content with successful SEO results. Using his understanding of branding and digital marketing to add his own flavour to the work he produces.

When he is not working on his SEO, you can find Fearghas djing at your local nightclub or in the studio producing some disco tunes that will get you moving

Fearghas Flahvin