SEO Team Leader & Digital PR Lead

Toni Levin

Toni is a Business Marketing and Public Relations graduate with a passion for all things digital marketing, communications and content writing. Toni has always had an interest in business, entrepreneurship and the power of connecting with people. This is what led her to create her own side business during her years at university. 

With a core focus on social media and public relations, working one on one with clients is what sparks Toni’s motivation. She is continuously striving to establish rich, powerful and meaningful relationships in life. She loves to connect and learn from driven, inspirational and passionate people, which is what ultimately led her to the team StudioHawk – a group of ambitious and driven individuals working to create outstanding results for their clients. 

Now being an SEO Specialist, Toni is particularly interested in the overall power of SEO and the positive impact it has on a company’s growth. She loves that there are a number of interconnected pieces to the SEO puzzle which continuously work together to produce results. She loves all things content and is particularly eager and excited to work with a diverse range of clients to create magic for their business. 

When Toni is not at work you will always find her with her friends either soaking up a beautiful sunny day at the beach or enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many wonderful restaurants that Melbourne has to offer. 

Toni Levin 2023