Office Coordinator

Tess Nolan

Tess is a talented and vibrant young professional with a passion for creativity and exploration. With 8 years experience in client focused roles, she brings a wealth of customer service skills and a keen eye for detail to her role as the Office Coordinator.

Having moved to Melbourne from Perth in 2022, Tess journeyed across the country to find an exciting opportunity she could sink her teeth into. That’s where StudioHawk comes in. As the Receptionist, Tess thrives on the versatility the role offers. She enjoys the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities as it allows her to constantly learn and adapt as well as being able to tackle challenges head on.

When she’s not manning the fort, Tess finds joy in expressing her creativity through various mediums, with a main focus on painting. Her passion for art not only allows her to relax and unwind, but also fuels her desire to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to her work. She is always seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and loves to explore new places and experiences.

Tess Nolan 2023