Senior SEO Specialist

Robert Chung

I am a graduate of Monash University in Melbourne. Having studied Marketing with a background in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, I have always been interested in how the human mind works and what drives people to do what they do. I first came across SEO while interning at a small tech startup company where I curiously dabbled in what I thought was just a side note of digital marketing – my first mistake. 

Now as an SEO Specialist, I have come to do my absolute best to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Previously, I had always thought heavily from a company’s commercial point of view where profits drove actions – which was my second mistake. Now I know that the customers are in the front seat and truly run the world!

As I progress through the life cycle of SEO, I have found myself enjoying aspects of On-Page SEO, Search Intent, Keyword Optimisation and UX Optimisation. SEO has given me a superpower, which is to know what people are thinking about and looking for at any given time. With such power, I will make no mistake and promise to only use it for good! 

My particular interests lie in luxury retail, e-sports, fitness, exercise and the travel industry.

In my spare time, I like to stay fit and active whether it be at the gym, in the pool or in the Snowy Mountains. I also love to travel and constantly make it my goal to explore the food that the world has to offer.

This is a photo of Robert