General Manager

Lawrence Hitches

As one of the longest-tenured members of the StudioHawk family, Lawrence has gone from being a team leader as an accomplished Senior SEO Specialist, to the General Manager of StudioHawk Australia. He has proven to be vital in the journey to grow StudioHawk to what it is today.

Specialising in our enterprise-level campaigns as General Manager, this responsibility includes reaching out to networks and creating relationships within the community to discuss the methods of StudioHawk. This also involves the sales side of the business. We have found the best method is to create a foundation of trust and form a solid relationship. Lawrence forms relationships foremost and identifies if the business could leverage SEO services.

Lawrence has been working in search for eight years, having started working with Bing search to improve their algorithm. Starting in the early days of StudioHawk in 2018, he focused on helping SMEs get SEO tactics in place to reach more customers on search engines such as Google. Along the way, he became close friends with Anthony Barone, now General Manager of the UK branch, and couldn’t be prouder to see such a hardworking and honest bloke leading the charge across the pond. Lawrence’s work at StudioHawk has led the business to win multiple awards and speaks on SEO at various events & educational seminars.

Lawrence has led StudioHawk, to win multiple SEO awards, including Semrush Awards’ Best Marketing Agency, Global Search Awards: Best Large SEO Agency in 2021, and APAC Search Awards Best Large SEO Agency 2022 & 2023,

For inspiration, Lawrence will find himself reading up on management and leadership, enjoys winding down at the end of the day by playing some Dota 2, or writing up posts on his blog focused on productivity, SEO, and mindset.

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