SEO Team Leader & Offsite Lead

Karl Zaharopoulos

Karl’s journey with StudioHawk began when he stumbled across our company and decided it was where he wanted to be. With only the knowledge of what he had learnt at Uni about SEO and no guarantee of an interview; Karl dedicated his next few weeks to doing nothing but studying from StudioHawk’s very own ‘Hawk Academy’. After falling in love with all things SEO, Karl came to us with a strong understanding of the fundamental pillars that make up SEO and the determination and eagerness to build upon his skills and become an amazing team member at StudioHawk. 

Today, Karl is an SEO Team Manager & Offsite Lead at StudioHawk. In his role as an SEO Team Manager, Karl oversees a talented team of 5 SEO specialists, guiding them towards excellence in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization and helping them achieve their career goals.

As the Offsite Lead, Karl takes charge of the backlink process at StudioHawk which includes building strategic partnerships with blogging networks, acquiring high quality backlinks for clients & overseeing the operations of this.

When it comes to SEO, Karl has worked on high-profile accounts like The Reject Shop, Lifespan Fitness, and Reece Plumbing and has smashed campaigns across a diverse range of niches, including local based service businesses, eCommerce, and cutting-edge SaaS companies.

What Karl loves most about working at StudioHawk is knowing that the work he does on a daily basis makes a difference and creates a positive impact on people’s lives. No two days are the same at StudioHawk and that’s something that motivates Karl to work to his best ability and deliver outstanding results for his clients.

Outside of office hours, you can find Karl doing one of a few things. He’s either watching the Philadelphia Eagles work their way to a Superbowl, watching his favourite UFC fighters every Sunday or unwinding with his favourite video games. 

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Karl Zaharopoulos B 2023