SEO Specialist

Karl Zaharopoulos

Karl’s journey with StudioHawk began when he stumbled across our company and decided it was where he wanted to be. With only the knowledge of what he had learnt at Uni about SEO and no guarantee of an interview; Karl dedicated his next few weeks to doing nothing but studying from StudioHawk’s very own ‘Hawk Academy’. After falling in love with all things SEO, Karl came to us with a strong understanding of the fundamental pillars that make up SEO and the determination and eagerness to build upon his skills and become an amazing team member at StudioHawk. 

Karl came to StudioHawk with over eight years of experience in the retail industry where he was able to refine all the skills needed to be successful in a client-focused role. One of Karl’s strengths is being able to listen to his clients, understand their wants, needs and concerns and strategise a way to best satisfy those needs and create positive relationships along the way.

What Karl loves most about working at StudioHawk is knowing that the work he does on a daily basis actually ‘makes a difference’ and creates a positive impact on people’s lives. No two days are the same at StudioHawk and that’s something that motivates Karl to work to his best ability and deliver outstanding results for his clients.

Outside of office hours, you can find Karl hanging out with his cat, Ernie, playing video games, having a few ‘bevs’ with friends and waking up at 4am each week during NFL season to watch his beloved Philadelphia Eagles!

Karl Zaharopoulos