SEO Team Leader

Jin Nam

Prior to joining StudioHawk, Jin graduated with a Master of Digital Marketing Communications Degree, coupled with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Communications. He had also completed a postgraduate certificate in Business Management – Entrepreneurial Enterprise. Moreover, Jin’s professional background encompasses an array of customer-centric and client-focused roles that include experience in, but are not limited to, retail and hospitality, event promotion, content writing, and even teaching. The cumulative experience of his academic and professional background was critical to developing his passion for the industry, and also for refining his customer and client-oriented approach in all of his endeavours.

As an SEO Team Leader at StudioHawk, Jin loves to explore the full, uncapped potential and creative value of SEO. He collaboratively works with clients – recognising the need for a high level of transparency, and an emphasis on communication – to personalize his expertise and strategies that meet their profile and specific needs.

When he is out of the office, Jin enjoys exploring the city with friends and spontaneously uncovering hidden gems on his adventures. He isn’t afraid to try new food or activities, and wants to experience everything at least once!

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