Founder & Director

Harry Sanders

Harry is the director and founder of StudioHawk. His main role is to innovate, adapt and lead in the world of SEO to ensure StudioHawk is always at the forefront of new adaptations in the industry. 

Harry was first introduced to the world of SEO at 13 after his father fell victim to a dodgy digital marketing agency that promised him the world but ended up delivering very little. Harry started undertaking the work himself and quickly fell in love with the mix of logic and creativity that SEO brings. His efforts led to his father’s business ranking, along with several other websites he owned. From there, Harry landed his first job in the working world at just 14 years old after being offered a role training the team within a digital marketing agency.

He loved the world of SEO, but after working in different agencies for three years he ended up dissatisfied with how these companies operated. He found that other companies tried to be everything to everyone and stretched their services thin until they became jacks of all trades but masters of none. So at 17, he decided to go at it alone. StudioHawk was born…

A specialised company focusing on one thing… growing your organic search presence. Nothing more and nothing less. 

On the basis of no lock-in contracts, a strong focus on education, and strict discipline for saying no to projects they don’t think will work or they disagree with, StudioHawk has since grown to become the largest dedicated SEO agency in Australia. Since then, the company has gone on to win the Australian Business Award for Marketing innovation, SEMRush’s Agency of the year 2019, as well as the MyBusiness, Marketing, Advertising, and PR award for 2019. 

Aside from awards, StudioHawk now helps host the SEO meetup in Melbourne with over 2000 members and counting. Harry sits on the board of the Australia Web Industry Association and regularly does guest speaking around the world, talking about new SEO disciplines such as DIRTy SEO. To this day, he’s still the youngest in the team.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as StudioHawk has since expanded to London and is in the midst of launching an SEO learning centre partnering with universities and education facilities to give the next generation, as well as business owners and CMO’s alike, the tools and understanding of SEO. We believe that the more people that properly understand SEO, the better results people will achieve.

When not focusing on SEO, Harry is likely playing Runescape or Dota 2, skateboarding, hiking, or attempting (poorly) to do all at the same time in the interest of ‘efficiency’.

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