Head of SEO Performance

Charbel Raffoul

My journey into digital marketing started when I discovered something called SimilarWeb, which is an online tool used to spy on competitors’ websites. I would find myself never concentrating in class once I began to dabble in this tool (safe to say I learned a lot from lectures).

Fast forward a few years later, I found an opening for StudioHawk so I decided to write them a 700-word blog about SEO to stand out from the crowd and it worked! Now here I am writing a bio about myself and how I wrote a blog and got here (okay, enough writing now).

My favourite part about SEO is working on eCommerce websites, as I think they have disrupted many industries and will continue to do so. I love combining the power of analysing data with finding the missing SEO elements of an eCommerce website to achieve results that make a client go WTF (of course, in a good way).

When I’m not reading 10 blogs a day about SEO, I enjoy working out, watching sports, and catching up with friends.

Charbel Raffoul 2023